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This is the village that the Prices move to in the Congo.

The Church Building

This building in the Congo is an open, dirt floor building.

The Price Home

This building in the Congo is located in the village of Kilanga. It has a front room, two bedrooms, and a veranda.

Bethlehem, Georgia

This is the town that the Prices live in before they leave for the Congo.

Kitchen House

This room is separate from the Price's house. Orleanna has put up pictures in it, including one of President Eisenhower.

Kwilu River

This river runs along the Kilanga village. Nathan Price keeps trying to baptize people here, but the women, in particular, resist because of the threat of crocodiles.


This is an African Grey parrot who is in the Price house when they arrive. He used to belong to Brother Fowles. Nathan Price doesn't like that...

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