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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Liza's profession when she met Pnin?
(a) A writer and medical student.
(b) A teacher.
(c) A waitress.
(d) A nurse.

2. What is the name of Pnin's friend who heads the department that Pnin's job is attached to?
(a) Professor Kukolnikov.
(b) Professor Hagen.
(c) Professor Clements.
(d) Professor Chateau.

3. Pnin and Victor had already been corresponding, what does Victor think of Pnin from his letters?
(a) He is an impressive man.
(b) He is hilarious.
(c) He is odd.
(d) He is amazing.

4. How old was Pnin when he left his home country?
(a) 25.
(b) 21.
(c) 18.
(d) 19.

5. What professor does Pnin decide to track down in Chapter 3?
(a) Eric Wind.
(b) Oleg Komarov.
(c) Laurence Clements.
(d) Marcus Karras.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the party in Chapter 5, how old are most of the women?

2. In Chapter 5, why does the artist who Pnin meets not being incredibly social?

3. What country did Pnin leave right before coming to America?

4. At the party in Chapter 5, what do the guests have for dinner?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 1, to what town is Pnin headed?

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