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Waindell College

This is the place where Pnin teaches Russian.


This location is where Pnin is trying to get to as the story opens, to deliver a lecture on Russian culture to a women's club.


This location is where Pnin and many of the characters in the story are from.

Bolshevik Revolution

This is the name of the communist takeover of Russia in 1917.


This is where Pnin earned his degree.


After studying Pnin goes to this place and meets his future wife.

Soviet Gold Fund of Literature, Volume 18

Pnin thinks he is forced to return this, but as it turns out, there was a clerical error, and he is allowed to keep it.

The Pines

This location is a secluded, rural area where Pnin goes to for a gathering of fellow Russian immigrants.

Victor's Dish

This item is a gift, and Pnin's guest remarks...

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