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Lesson 1 (from 57a - 62c)


57a - 62c

"Phaedo" is a fictional dialogue that presents Socrates prior to his death. The objective of this lesson is to examine the role of Socrates in "Phaedo" and in ancient Greece.


1) Independent Work: Library Research and Summary: Research the life and death of Socrates and write a summary that covers Socrates' upbringing, education, life as a philosopher.

2) Class Discussion: Who is Socrates? When did he leave? How did he influence Greece? What was his military role? What is he credited for? Why was he imprisoned? How was he executed? Why was his death significant to ancient Greek history?

3) Group Work: Why would Plato focus on Socrates' imprisonment and subsequent death? How is this significant? Who was with Socrates when he drank the hemlock? According to "Phaedo", who was present at his death? What was the nature of the relationship between Plato and Socrates...

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