Plato's Phaedo Character Descriptions

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In "Phaedo", this person functions as the author's mouthpiece and articulates views on the soul and death.


This person was an important Athenian citizen and a student who engages in Socratic dialogue.


This person was present at his friend's death and recounts the story of his death.


This person is a partner in conversation and listens to the story of Socrates for hours.


This person is a main interlocuter and doubts Socrates' reasoning for the immortality of the soul.


This person is another interlocutor and also doubts Socrates' reasoning for the the immortality of the soul.

Socrates's Followers

This group of people is present at one person's death.

The Gods

This group is believed to lead departed souls to the realms appropriate to their moral deeds.

The Philosopher

These people are the only ones whose soul is believed to travel beyond the...

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