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57a - 62c

• In 57a - 62c, the Socratic dialogue is introduced. The dialogue is fictional and precedes Socrates' death.

• The Socratic dialogue focuses on the nature of death and the immortality of the soul.

• Phaedo opens with a discussion between Phaedo and Echecrates -- Phaedo is asked whether he was present when Socrates drank the poison.

• Socrates has been held in jail before his execution because of a religious ceremony.

• Many of Socrates' friends and followers were present when he died.

• Phaedo says the experience was astonishing and he felt no pity for Socrates because he died without fear and seemed to leave with the blessings of the gods.

• On the day Socrates was died, Socrates stood before "the Eleven" or the commissioner of Athens.

• Xianthippe, Socrates' wife was there with their child during his trial, but was led away because of her grief.

• Socrates dreams about...

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