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Kent Haruf
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the sheriff say to Tom and the Beckmans?
(a) Nothing, he arrests Russell.
(b) To come to the station immediately.
(c) To stay away from each other.
(d) The sheriff is not involved in the incident.

2. What does Victoria do with Dwayne?
(a) Spits on him.
(b) Calls the police.
(c) Tells him to go away.
(d) Goes to Denver.

3. Why does Mrs. Stearns send Ike and Bobby to the store?
(a) To get some groceries.
(b) To get them out of her hair.
(c) To get her some milk.
(d) To get themselves some candy.

4. Why does Mrs. Stearns give Ike and Bobby a key to her house?
(a) So she doesn't have to get up.
(b) So they can water her plants.
(c) So they can check on her.
(d) So they can feed her fish.

5. What does Mr. Beckman threaten?
(a) To pull Russell from the school.
(b) To call the governor.
(c) To bring legal action against the school system.
(d) To have the state police come into the town.

6. Why have the McPheron brothers been driving around Holt for three hours?
(a) Looking at house in town to buy.
(b) Looking for Victoria.
(c) Showing Victoria their new truck.
(d) Looking for Tom Guthrie.

7. What does Raymond ask Tom when he calls?
(a) If the boys can spend the night.
(b) If the boys can stay a few days there.
(c) If Raymond can bring the boys home.
(d) If he can pick-up the boys.

8. What does Raymond accidentally do when talking to Dr. Martin?
(a) Slaps Dr. Martin too hard on the back.
(b) Breaks his stethoscope.
(c) Slips on some water on the floor.
(d) Almost threatens the doctor.

9. Where does Dwayne want Victoria to go?
(a) To another party.
(b) To the grocery store.
(c) To his parents' house.
(d) To a friend's house to pick-up some drugs.

10. What does Russell ask Ike and Bobby?
(a) If they want a ride home.
(b) If their horse died.
(c) If they were spying on him.
(d) Where their father is.

11. What do the McPheron brothers do after Victoria talks to them?
(a) Takes her to see Dr. Martin.
(b) Takes her out for lunch.
(c) Takes her to Maggie's house.
(d) Takes her shopping.

12. What does Judy ask Guthrie?
(a) If he is now divorced.
(b) If he wants to go to dinner with her.
(c) If Ella is coming back.
(d) If he has any plans for the weekend.

13. What does Victoria ask the McPheron brothers?
(a) If she can live with them again.
(b) Victoria won't get out of the car.
(c) If she can borrow their car.
(d) The dogs won't let them out of the car.

14. What do Ike and Bobby notice about their mother at Christmas?
(a) She is drinking too much.
(b) She is passive and dominated by her sister.
(c) She seems happier.
(d) She has made some friends.

15. What does Maggie tell Tom when they are dancing?
(a) She had a crush on him in the fourth grade.
(b) She has to take care of her father.
(c) She has been attracted to him for years.
(d) She's not sure she wants to date.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the board members try to do with the Beckmans?

2. What do the boys enjoy dropping off the balcony at their aunt's house?

3. What does Guthrie ask Judy when she kisses him?

4. Where are Guthrie and Maggie dancing?

5. Where is Guthrie lying at Judy's house?

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