Plainsong Short Essay - Answer Key

Kent Haruf
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1. What happens at the beginning of the book when Tom Guthrie goes in to speak with his wife before leaving for school?

Guthrie goes upstairs and into the room where his wife, Ella, lies in bed. He asks if she wants anything, but she does not answer. Guthrie leaves the room and Ella looks around before folding her arm across her face. Guthrie leaves the house and drives away in his pick up truck.

2. How does Victoria's mother find out Victoria is pregnant and what is her response?

Victoria wakes feeling nauseous and runs to the bathroom. She vomits, and her mother arrives in the bathroom to ask if she has been drinking. Victoria says she has not been drinking, and then she gets sick again. Her mother says she thinks Victoria is pregnant, and her mother is verbally abusive. She says Victoria can no longer live in the house.

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