Objects & Places from Plainsong

Kent Haruf
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Holt, Colorado - This small town is the setting for much of the novel.

Denver, Colorado - Ella Guthrie leaves Holt to live with her sister in this large city.

Railroad Street - This is a street that runs nearest to Guthrie's house.

Holt Café - This is where Victoria works every weekday after school as a dishwasher.

Phillips, Colorado - This is the nearest town to Holt that has a department store.

Gas and Go - This is a convenience store in Holt.

The Chute Bar and Grill - This is where Guthrie goes after he feels uncomfortable at a party at Maggie Jones' house.

Schmidt's Barber Shop - One place Ike and Bobby go to collect fees for their paper route.

Holt Train Depot - This is where Ike and Bobby Guthrie go every morning to get the newspapers for their delivery route.


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