Plainsong Character Descriptions

Kent Haruf
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Tom Guthrie - He is a good teacher and a good father, but he is encountering severe obstacles in both roles.

Victoria Roubideaux - She is a teenage girl who goes to live with two brothers on their ranch.

Ike and Bobby Guthrie - These two brothers are very independent for their age.

Harold and Raymond McPheron - They take in an unwanted, pregnant teenager.

Maggie Jones - A teacher at the high school, she helps Victoria find a home.

Ella Guthrie - Ike and Bobby's mother.

Judy - She is a secretary at Holt High School.

Lloyd Crowder - This man is the principal of Holt High School.

Russell Beckman - This character is a bully with serious disciplinary problems.

Dwayne - This character is the young man who impregnates Victoria.

Dr. Martin - This aged doctor provides medical care for Victoria during her pregnancy...

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