Plainsong Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kent Haruf
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Pages 3-22 (Guthrie, Victoria Roubideaux, Ike and Bobby, Guthrie)

• Tom Guthrie wakes his two sons and feeds them breakfast. He tells them he has to go to school early that day. He is a teacher.

• The boys ask if their mother will be leaving her bedroom today. He goes up and speaks to her but she doesn't answer. She covers her face as he leaves.

• Victoria, a seventeen-year-old gets up and feels nauseous. She runs in the bathroom and vomits. Her mother asks if she has been drinking. She says no.

• Victoria's mother tells her she believes Victoria is pregnant and becomes abusive. She tells her daughter she cannot live in the house.

• Ike and Bobby Guthrie ride their bikes to pick up the newspapers for their delivery routes. Ralph Black, the depot agent asks them why they are late.

• The boys ignore Black as he threatens to...

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