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Ellie must use this object to power her computer since the Amish do not believe in using electricity on their farms.

Milk Storage Room

Ellie uses this location as an office because this is where the bishop allows electricity to be made available for her use.

Milk Barn

This location is where the baby's body is found.

Horse Blankets

A newborn baby boy is found dead under these.

Man's Shirt

A newborn baby boy is found dead, wrapped in this.


These are missing from the milk barn and are what the medical examiner believes were used to cut the baby's umbilical cord.

The Pond

The location of Hannah's death, and a place Katie continues to visit.

Horse Buggies

Since the Amish shun automobiles, their main source of transportation is one of these.

English Courtroom

This is the location where the trial for the murder of the...

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