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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Rieux give for writing his tale of the plague in Oran?
(a) As a record of those who were determined to resist the plague and heal its victims.
(b) As a gift for his mother and in memory of his wife.
(c) To warn people about rats.
(d) So everyone will know what an important person he has been.

2. What seems to be an important factor in the reduction of plague deaths?
(a) The change in the weather.
(b) Prayer.
(c) Dr. Castel's serum, which is now more effective.
(d) Dr. Rieux's careful treatment of his patients.

3. Which character cannot be saved by the serum?
(a) M. Grand.
(b) M. Cottard.
(c) M. Othon.
(d) Mme. Rieux.

4. How is Tarrou reminded of his mother?
(a) He sees a portrait of Rieux's wife and sees a resemblance.
(b) Mme Othon is quite similar.
(c) A cafe waitress.
(d) Madame Rieux is quite similar..

5. What is different about Tarrou's journal at this point?
(a) He writes only on every second line.
(b) It is harder to read and not so well organised.
(c) It is written in red ink.
(d) It is full of fantasy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes a rueful observance about the feast day?

2. What is the choice Fr Paneloux talks about in his sermon?

3. Why does Tarrou go home with Cottard?

4. Why does Tarrou thank Rieux?

5. What is Dr. Castel's work?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think has led Dr. Rieux to unburden himself to Grand?

2. Do you think Dr. Castel's serum is likely to be of help?

3. What is the reason for Rambert's decision?

4. What choice does Rambert make in Part 4 Chapter 2?

5. Which characters now volunteer as plague workers?

6. What is the significance of M. Grand's struggle against the plague in Part 4 Chapter 7?

7. Comment on the change in M. Othon.

8. Why is there a steady supply of workers taking care of burials?

9. Has Cottard really gained from his profiteering during the plague?

10. Explain the significance of The Plague's final paragraph.

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