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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way is the character similar emotionally to the townspeople?
(a) Both are indifferent to the world.
(b) Both are jubilant.
(c) Both are cynical.
(d) Both are despondent.

2. In what country is the story set?
(a) Armenia.
(b) Nigeria.
(c) Algeria.
(d) France.

3. What does Dr. Rieux think about the illness?
(a) He thinks it is plague.
(b) He thinks it is an unknown disease.
(c) He thinks it is tuberculosis.
(d) He thinks it is asthma.

4. How do people find out about the plague death rate?
(a) By word of mouth.
(b) Via radio broadcasts.
(c) By reading the newspapers.
(d) On television.

5. How has Rieux's work-load increased?
(a) He has to do research to produce plague serum, treat patients and administer a hospital.
(b) He is now required to treat 100 patients per day.
(c) He has to treat plague vistims, experiment on rats and run a 500-bed plague hospital.
(d) He now treats patients as well as administering a 500-bed plague hospital.

6. What does Dr. Rieux urge the committee to do?
(a) Get rid of all rats.
(b) Start public health measures as if the disease is plague.
(c) Avoid panicking the citizens.
(d) Inoculate the Prefect with anti-plague serum.

7. What is the main message of the closing sermon at High Mass?
(a) God has sent the plague to force people to repent.
(b) God is love.
(c) God no longer cares about humanity.
(d) People smoke and drink too much.

8. Why are the townspeople not told the disease is plague?
(a) Dr Rieux is panicking.
(b) Inspector Clouseau has arrived.
(c) The authorities are not sure that the disease is.
(d) The authorities fear a panic will result.

9. What weather conditions set in after the sermon?
(a) There is snow.
(b) The weather is unchanged.
(c) There is a heatwave.
(d) There is a hurricane.

10. What is the apparent result of this weather condition?
(a) The rain refreshes everyone.
(b) The number of plague victims decreases.
(c) Rats are washed into the water supply.
(d) There is an increase in the number of plague victims.

11. What is Fr Paneloux's religious order?
(a) He is a Discalced Carmelite.
(b) He is a Dominican.
(c) He is a Franciscan.
(d) He is a Jesuit.

12. What interesting character enters the novel at this point?
(a) The plague itself.
(b) The Oran water supply.
(c) Inspector Clouseau.
(d) Dr Rieux's mother-in-law.

13. What measures is the Prefect forced to take?
(a) Traffic control and rationing of food and electricity.
(b) Arresting anyone who drinks in the street and closing the cinemas.
(c) Traffic control, cinema closure and water rationing.
(d) Putting armed guards at all liquor outlets and rationing water.

14. Who removes the dead rat from Dr Rieux's landing?
(a) The concierge.
(b) M. Othon.
(c) Mrs Rieux.
(d) Dr Rieux.

15. How do the people of Oran react to the sermon at High Mass?
(a) People are very much in agreement.
(b) People reject it completely and become angry.
(c) It's an enthusiastic reaction.
(d) It's a mixed reaction.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is this information to be found?

2. With what does Rieux contrast pictures of the plague through history?

3. How is the city situated geographically?

4. What is Fr Paneloux's special area of expertise?

5. The narrator tells us that the city is:

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