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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way is the character similar emotionally to the townspeople?
(a) Both are cynical.
(b) Both are despondent.
(c) Both are jubilant.
(d) Both are indifferent to the world.

2. Why is use of the telephone severely restricted?
(a) Because there is only one line available.
(b) Because doctors need the phone lines open.
(c) It is too expensive.
(d) The lines have been congested.

3. What action has Dr. Rieux already taken?
(a) He has bought a train ticket out of town.
(b) He has ordered supplies of anti-plague serum.
(c) He has started to manufacture anti-plague serum.
(d) He has organised mass poisonings of rats.

4. In what predicament does Rambert find himself?
(a) He has missed out on a job as Editor of his paper.
(b) He cannot file the news story.
(c) He is trapped in Oran away from his wife.
(d) He is afraid to tell anyone he has a fever.

5. What is the apparent result of this weather condition?
(a) The number of plague victims decreases.
(b) There is an increase in the number of plague victims.
(c) Rats are washed into the water supply.
(d) The rain refreshes everyone.

6. Why is M. Grand an interesting character?
(a) He has discovered something amazing hidden in the municipal archives.
(b) He leads an adventurous life.
(c) His life is not fulfilling, yet there is a mystery about him.
(d) He has solved a great mystery.

7. What important information is given in the notices?
(a) Cases of vever are to be treated at home after they are reported, a black mark has to be painted on the door of a plague house and volunteers are needed for trial of a serum.
(b) Cases of fever are to be reported, rats will be exterminated and the water supply monitored.
(c) Cases of fever are to be reported and a bounty has been placed on rats.
(d) Cases of fever are to be treated by Dr Rieux, the rats are to be exteminated and the water supply monitored.

8. What measures is the Prefect forced to take?
(a) Putting armed guards at all liquor outlets and rationing water.
(b) Traffic control and rationing of food and electricity.
(c) Traffic control, cinema closure and water rationing.
(d) Arresting anyone who drinks in the street and closing the cinemas.

9. What reason does Cottard give for his suicide attempt?
(a) 'A silent grief.'
(b) 'A grief observed.'
(c) 'A delayed grief.'
(d) 'A secret grief.'

10. Who comes with Grand to see Dr Rieux?
(a) M. Tarrou.
(b) M. Cottard.
(c) Mme. de Valois.
(d) The chief of police.

11. What is Fr Paneloux's religious order?
(a) He is a Dominican.
(b) He is a Discalced Carmelite.
(c) He is a Jesuit.
(d) He is a Franciscan.

12. What is one result of the sealed city?
(a) The Prefect has a feeling of great power.
(b) People are more likely to recover from plague.
(c) People are more likely to get plague.
(d) People are cut off from loved ones.

13. By what means do influential town leaders hope to resist the plague?
(a) Inoculating the population.
(b) Organising a Week of Prayer.
(c) Organising a Week of Sacrifice.
(d) Disinfecting the streets.

14. To whom does Rieux disclose that the apris serum is not ideally effective?
(a) His mother.
(b) Grand.
(c) Rambert.
(d) His wife.

15. Why are the townspeople not told the disease is plague?
(a) Inspector Clouseau has arrived.
(b) The authorities are not sure that the disease is.
(c) The authorities fear a panic will result.
(d) Dr Rieux is panicking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one aspect of the plague that Dr Rieux considers?

2. What problem has the Prefect to deal with, making his job harder?

3. What is the focus in the questioning of Cottard?

4. What else does Dr Rieux muse about in relation to the plague?

5. Who questions Cottard?

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