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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes panic in the town?
(a) The plague of rats.
(b) The number of rat deaths.
(c) The number of people dying from plague.
(d) A possible attack from Germany.

2. What action has Dr. Rieux already taken?
(a) He has ordered supplies of anti-plague serum.
(b) He has started to manufacture anti-plague serum.
(c) He has organised mass poisonings of rats.
(d) He has bought a train ticket out of town.

3. Who removes the dead rat from Dr Rieux's landing?
(a) The concierge.
(b) Dr Rieux.
(c) M. Othon.
(d) Mrs Rieux.

4. Why are people seeking pleasure?
(a) They are careless.
(b) It's a response to their lives being in danger.
(c) They are rebelling against the church.
(d) It's a response to harsh new laws.

5. What human attitude concerns Rieux?
(a) Human prejudice and warmongering.
(b) Human infallibility.
(c) Humans' inability to accept reality.
(d) Humans' quick acceptance of reality.

6. An unusual thing about the city is that:
(a) Everybody has a garden.
(b) It is famous for its plants and animals.
(c) It has no native plants or animals.
(d) It has abundant water.

7. What is Rieux worried about?
(a) That the people will panic.
(b) That the disease will get out of hand and kill half the population.
(c) That the disease will affect his wife.
(d) That the trains will stop running.

8. Who makes the order to close the town?
(a) Dr. Rieux.
(b) M. Othon.
(c) The Prefect.
(d) The French President.

9. Where is this information to be found?
(a) In Tarrou's journal.
(b) On walls, as graffiti.
(c) In the newspapers.
(d) On walls, as in public notices.

10. In what era is the story set?
(a) During the French Revolution.
(b) 1940s, shortly after World War II.
(c) 1916, during World War I.
(d) 1940s during World War II.

11. How has Rieux's work-load increased?
(a) He is now required to treat 100 patients per day.
(b) He has to treat plague vistims, experiment on rats and run a 500-bed plague hospital.
(c) He has to do research to produce plague serum, treat patients and administer a hospital.
(d) He now treats patients as well as administering a 500-bed plague hospital.

12. What is making things difficult for cinema owners?
(a) They are only allowed to show newsreels.
(b) They have to charge lower admission fees.
(c) They can't get ushers because of the plague.
(d) They have no new films to show.

13. What creative problem does Grand have?
(a) He is stuck on page 6.
(b) He is stuck on the first sentence.
(c) He is having trouble with creating an antagonist.
(d) He can't do any research because of the plague.

14. What important change in people's behavior does Tarrou record?
(a) That everyone laughs, especially drunks.
(b) That they laugh at the plague.
(c) That nobody laughs, except drunks.
(d) That they are more tolerant of drunks.

15. What problem has the Prefect to deal with, making his job harder?
(a) He has to deal with a rebellion and drunkenness.
(b) People are pressurising him to sack Dr. Rieux.
(c) His wife is having an affair and he doesn't know with whom.
(d) People keep taking their frustrations out on him and ask him to bend the rules for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first victim of the plague?

2. Why has the journalist Raymod Rambert come to Oran?

3. Why hasn't M. Grand been able to correct the mistake made about his promotion?

4. What is the focus in the questioning of Cottard?

5. What does Rieux ask Jean Tarrou to do for him?

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