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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is making things difficult for cinema owners?
(a) They have no new films to show.
(b) They are only allowed to show newsreels.
(c) They have to charge lower admission fees.
(d) They can't get ushers because of the plague.

2. Who must Rieux take with him when he has to evacuate a plague victim?
(a) A nurse.
(b) Two other doctors.
(c) A judge and a second doctor.
(d) A police officer.

3. What methods does the character use to attain the goal or goals?
(a) Argument and direct action.
(b) Civil disobedience, sabotage and direct action.
(c) Argument and sabotage.
(d) Sabotage.

4. Who removes the dead rat from Dr Rieux's landing?
(a) Dr Rieux.
(b) The concierge.
(c) M. Othon.
(d) Mrs Rieux.

5. What is the apparent result of this weather condition?
(a) Rats are washed into the water supply.
(b) The number of plague victims decreases.
(c) The rain refreshes everyone.
(d) There is an increase in the number of plague victims.

6. What is one result of the sealed city?
(a) People are cut off from loved ones.
(b) People are more likely to recover from plague.
(c) People are more likely to get plague.
(d) The Prefect has a feeling of great power.

7. What point is Camus making through this chapter?
(a) That we should accept musery.
(b) That isolation increases human misery.
(c) That human beings can cope quite well in isolation.
(d) That plague is incurable.

8. After the sermon, what happens in the town?
(a) People go back to work.
(b) People couldn't care less.
(c) People are motivated to help the plague victims.
(d) People panic.

9. What causes panic in the town?
(a) A possible attack from Germany.
(b) The number of people dying from plague.
(c) The number of rat deaths.
(d) The plague of rats.

10. What problem has the Prefect to deal with, making his job harder?
(a) He has to deal with a rebellion and drunkenness.
(b) People keep taking their frustrations out on him and ask him to bend the rules for them.
(c) His wife is having an affair and he doesn't know with whom.
(d) People are pressurising him to sack Dr. Rieux.

11. What important change in people's behavior does Tarrou record?
(a) That they laugh at the plague.
(b) That everyone laughs, especially drunks.
(c) That nobody laughs, except drunks.
(d) That they are more tolerant of drunks.

12. Who volunteers to help Rieux?
(a) Tarrou.
(b) Rambert.
(c) Paneloux.
(d) Cottard.

13. What is one aspect of the plague that Dr Rieux considers?
(a) Its treatment.
(b) Its future.
(c) Its history.
(d) Its cure.

14. Who makes the order to close the town?
(a) The French President.
(b) The Prefect.
(c) Dr. Rieux.
(d) M. Othon.

15. Who is the first victim of the plague?
(a) The concierge in Dr. Rieux's apartment building.
(b) The Spaniard.
(c) M. Cottard.
(d) A railway porter.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what era is the story set?

2. What is the character's focus for action in this chapter?

3. What is Rieux's attitude to religion and God?

4. What is Fr Paneloux's special area of expertise?

5. Why are people seeking pleasure?

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