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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has Rieux's work-load increased?
(a) He now treats patients as well as administering a 500-bed plague hospital.
(b) He is now required to treat 100 patients per day.
(c) He has to treat plague vistims, experiment on rats and run a 500-bed plague hospital.
(d) He has to do research to produce plague serum, treat patients and administer a hospital.

2. What was Tarrou's father's occupation?
(a) He was a prosecuting attorney.
(b) He was an undertaker.
(c) He was a concert pianist.
(d) He was a doctor.

3. In what important way has the plague changed?
(a) It has changed from bubonic to pneumonic.
(b) It has changed from pneumonic to bubonic.
(c) It has changed from bubonic to harmonic.
(d) It has become much more severe.

4. Who comes with M. Joseph Grand to see Dr Rieux?
(a) M. Cottard.
(b) The police inspector.
(c) M. Tarrou.
(d) Cardinal Richelieu.

5. Tarrou's opinion of Grand is:
(a) That he is a man of quiet courage.
(b) That he is unlikeable and annoying.
(c) That he is nondescript.
(d) That he is arrogant and controlling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who questions Cottard?

2. Who ecomes general secretary to the squads of volunteers?

3. What important experience shaped Tarrou's view of capital punishment?

4. What does Dr. Rieux think about the illness?

5. Why is M. Grand an interesting character?

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