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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of communication is forbidden?
(a) Writing or receiving letters.
(b) Making audio tapes.
(c) Kissing and embracing in the street.
(d) Sending telegrams.

2. What important meeting takes place?
(a) The Prefect meets Dr. Rieux's wife.
(b) The Prefect meets a committee of doctors.
(c) The Prefect meets with ratcatchers.
(d) The Prefect meets a committee of concerned citizens.

3. What human attitude concerns Rieux?
(a) Humans' quick acceptance of reality.
(b) Humans' inability to accept reality.
(c) Human infallibility.
(d) Human prejudice and warmongering.

4. Who is the first victim of the plague?
(a) A railway porter.
(b) The concierge in Dr. Rieux's apartment building.
(c) The Spaniard.
(d) M. Cottard.

5. Why has the journalist Raymod Rambert come to Oran?
(a) To interview the polic magistrate.
(b) To investigate the plague of rats in Oran.
(c) To research suicide deaths in Oran.
(d) To investigate the welfare of Arabs in Oran.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sight disturbs Rieux as he drives home?

2. In what way are people allowed to communicate with those outside the city?

3. What is the focus in the questioning of Cottard?

4. With what does Rieux contrast pictures of the plague through history?

5. What does Dr. Rieux think about the illness?

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