Daily Lessons for Teaching The Plague

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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Chapter 1)


Students will learn some background to help them appreciate this novel all the more.


1) The teacher will present a mini-lecture focusing on Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Satre and the Existentialist movement. Students will take notes in point form.

2) The teacher will draw students' attention to the parallel between the events of The Plague and the invasion of France by Nazi Germany.

3) Students will go to the computer lab, login and find background on Albert Camus and his beliefs and the influence of those beliefs. They will create a timeline of Camus' life.

4) Students will research the achievement of resistance movements in fighting tyranny. They will pay special attention to the French Resistense in World War II.

Homework: 1) Students will commence a reflective journal focusing on their studies of The Plague. Their first entry will be a summary of the background they have learned as well as...

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