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Part 1: Chapter 1

• The Algerian/French port of Oran is described.

• The story's narrator is introduced.

Part 1: Chapter 2

• Dr. Bernard Rieux finds a dead rat in his apartment building and asks the concierge to dispose of it.

• Dr. Rieux's wife leaves the city for tuberculosis treatment elsewhere.

• He reassures the magistrate M. Othon, who is worried about the rats.

• Dr. Rieux's mother arrives to stay with him.

• Journalist Raymond Rambert calls on Rieux .

• The concierge becomes very ill abd dies in hospital.

• Dr. Rieux is called out by Joseph Grand, who has prevented the hanging suicide of his neighbor, M. Cottard.

• The rats disappear.

Part 1: Chapter 3

• The plague spreads.

• There is panic in Oran.

• Dr. Rieux asks Jean Tarrou to keep a journal to document the plague.

• Tarrou's journal gives information about Rieux.

Part 1: Chapter 4

• Cottard is questioned about his suicide attempt.

• Rieux describes his treatment of plague victims...

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