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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Annawake the true story of Turtle's adoption?
(a) Turtle.
(b) Taylor.
(c) Jax.
(d) Alice.

2. What beverage do Jax and Annawake drink together while looking at the stars?
(a) Beer.
(b) Lemonade.
(c) Iced Tea.
(d) Water.

3. As the women are driving away from Vegas, where does Alice read stories from to pass the time?
(a) From tabloid magazines.
(b) From the Bible.
(c) From Turtle's fairy tale collection.
(d) From financial newspapers.

4. What type of transportation does Cash Stillwater drive?
(a) A pickup truck.
(b) A rusted BMW.
(c) A bicycle.
(d) A motorcycle.

5. What role does Ledger Fourkiller play in the Cherokee tribe?
(a) He is the warrior.
(b) He is the musician.
(c) He is the chief.
(d) He is the hunter.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Turtle and Taylor board the plane for the first time in their lives, where are they going?

2. What time does the Indian stomp dance typically start?

3. What is Letty's relationship to Cash Stillwater?

4. Why do the whites kick the Indians off their land during the Trail of Tears?

5. How does Mr. Critterdon die?

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