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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has the young boy with the string of fish been raised away from his birth parents?
(a) Because his birth parents were alcoholics.
(b) Because his birth parents both passed away.
(c) Because his birth parents had too many children already.
(d) Because his birth parents didn't want him.

2. How does Taylor respond to Turtle's emotional state at the time of the run?
(a) She talks with her endlessly.
(b) She cries alongside her daugher.
(c) She ignores her.
(d) She slaps her across the face.

3. How does Alice feel about the teenagers in Heaven?
(a) They are kinder than any teenagers she knows.
(b) They are more aggressive than any teenagers she knows.
(c) They are louder than any teenagers she knows.
(d) They are smarter than any teenagers she knows.

4. In what state is the Cherokee tribe that Cash Stillwater belongs to?
(a) Utah.
(b) Montana.
(c) Nevada.
(d) Oklahoma..

5. What happens when Turtle is no longer allowed to hang out at Taylor's work with her?
(a) Taylor is forced to hire an expensive babysitter.
(b) Turtle must wait in the car for hours at a time.
(c) Turtle must stay unattended in the apartment.
(d) Turtle walks the streets aimlessly while her mother works.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color t-shirt is Taylor wearing when she joins her mother at the breakfast house?

2. What is Letty's relationship to Cash Stillwater?

3. Where do Annawake and Alice sit with Ledger as they discuss Turtle's future?

4. What medical condition is Turtle diagnosed with at the free clinic?

5. What are the Indian people tricked into giving away by clever crooks?

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