Pigs in Heaven Character Descriptions

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Alice - This character is stuck in an unhappy marriage and participates in the Stomp Dance in Heaven,feeling the first sense of connection to the world as a whole, and for the first time feels entirely alive.

Sugar Boss - See Sugar Hornbuckle.

Barbie - This character works as a waitress in a Las Vegas casino, gets fired, and talks about wanting to make a life counterfeiting money.

Angie Buster - This character works in a diner and lives in a motel.

Lucky Buster - This character is mentally-challenged and falls into a spillway.

Annawake Fourkiller - This character is a lawyer who takes on the case of an illegal adoption in the attempts to rectify the pain of losing a twin brother to adoption.

Gabriel Fourkiller - This character failed school after being put in the Mexican classroom, and was jailed at the age...

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