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• The story opens with Alice, a sixty-one-year-old woman who is married to an extremely uncommunicative man named Harland, who collects antique headlights, and is planning to leave him.

• Alice's neighbor, a man named Hester Biddle, raises Vietnamese potbellied pigs that often invade Alice's garden.

• Alice spends some time reminiscing about the pig farm where she grew up in Mississippi, wondering where she will go when she leaves Harland. Her mother died years ago and the farm was sold to pay off debts.

• Alice has one daughter named Taylor who lives in Arizona and a cousin, Sugar, who lived with Alice's family for awhile on the pig farm.

• Alice regained contact with Sugar after seeing her photo in "Life" magazine. The two corresponded for awhile, but eventually their conversations stopped.

• The story then shifts to Alice's daughter, Taylor and her daughter, Turtle, vacationing at the Hoover Dam...

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