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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Will remember being in Chapter Twenty?

2. How do friends and staff treat Cassie upon her return?

3. What does Ophelia notice on Cassie when she first returns to the US after marrying Alex?

4. How does Alex react to Cassie's phone call from Tanzania in Chapter Sixteen?

5. Why does Alex come to Cassie's classroom in Chapter Sixteen?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Cassie handle Connor's warnings about Alex?

2. What most attracts Cassie to Alex?

3. Is Will looking after his own best interests by hiding Cassie?

4. What does Cassie learn from Cyrus and Dorothea?

5. How does Alex and Cassie's relationship begin?

6. Is Cassie happy when she returns to the US to live with Alex in his mansion?

7. Does Cassie make the right decision by giving the father of her child one more chance to prove that he has changed?

8. Why is Alex so comfortable camping in the woods?

9. Is Will's sun dance similar to the abuse that Cassie takes from Alex?

10. Describe Cyrus.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Native American legends included in the novel are used to imply, predict, foreshadow or point out contrasting elements at different times.

1) Select one legend in the novel that you feel does the best job of foreshadowing events to come and offer specifics to support your answer.

2) Explain why the author chose to incorporate these legends instead of making her point another way.

3) Do the legends portray Native Americans in a positive or negative light? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Explain how Cassie's role as an anthropologist helps or hinders her on her life journey. How do the cultures that she exists in contribute to her growth or limit her? What discoveries does she make in the novel and how do they impact her growth and development?

Essay Topic 3

The settings in Picture Perfect are many and they vary greatly: from a graveyard to a Bel-air mansion, to a sweat lodge on a Sioux reservation, to a dig in Africa. Cassie and the other characters seem to inhabit a number of different worlds. Select three of the settings in the story. For each, describe which characters are most and least comfortable there (or would be), what that venue represents to the story and to Cassie, and why you believe the author chose to include it.

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