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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the photographer who takes Alex and Cassie's picture when they go out to dinner in Chapter Seven?

2. What happened to Connor the morning after Halloween in 1976?

3. What type of business did Cassie's parents own growing up?

4. What is the profession of Jane's husband?

5. Where does Cassie watch some of Alex's movies in Chapter Eight?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Alex react to the visit to the pediatric hospital?

2. Who is Connor and why is he important to Cassie?

3. How do Jane and William get to know each other better in Chapter Two?

4. How does the driver, John, represent Alex's life?

5. Why are Herb and Alex surprised at Cassie's angry outburst?

6. How does Cassie feel towards Alex when he first takes her back to their Malibu apartment in Chapter Four?

7. Discuss the importance of the movie that Alex is nominated for an award in.

8. Does Cassie trust Alex in Chapter Four?

9. How does Alex view himself?

10. Describe the setting where the woman with amnesia wakes up in Chapter One.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Alex's fame enable him to be an abuser or make him more likely to abuse? Explain. Why does Cassie decide to expose Alex publicly at the end of the story? How does fame add to or take away from the challenges that Alex and Cassie face in the book?

Essay Topic 2

The definition of possessions is likely different in the Sioux world and the white world. Using examples in Picture Perfect, select three objects or persons in the story that someone sees as his/her possession. Analyze how the owner comes to this decision and the meaning that ownership has to that person.

Essay Topic 3

Control of ones self and the people around one is a key topic in Picture Perfect.

1) Is Alex or Ophelia better at manipulating people?

2) Is Cassie a complete victim?

3) Do you feel sorry for Alex based on the circumstances of his childhood?

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