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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Alex tell Cassie his parents live?

2. What is the pet name that Alex calls Jane?

3. Who is Herb Silver?

4. Where was Cassie supposed to go with a class before Alex arranged for her sabbatical?

5. What is the name of Jane's husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. What expectations does the Algonquin legend put in place for the novel?

2. What is William's role in Chapter Nineteen?

3. Describe the setting where the woman with amnesia wakes up in Chapter One.

4. Why is Alex so comfortable camping in the woods?

5. How does William's vision quest relate to his meeting Cassie?

6. What is Alex's relationship with his father like?

7. Is Will's sun dance similar to the abuse that Cassie takes from Alex?

8. How does Alex and Cassie's relationship begin?

9. Is Ophelia a good friend to Cassie?

10. What indications about Jane's relationship with her husband, Alex, are revealed in Chapter Three?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dorothea and Cyrus represent the Sioux lifestyle that was so difficult for Will growing up, and yet seems to define him despite his efforts to run from it.

1) Choose either Dorothea or Cyrus and explain how they impact Cassie's future.

2) Select an item from the Sioux life that you feel has strong symbolism in Picture Perfect and analyze this item.

3) Do you think that Will was right or wrong to leave the reservation when he did?

Essay Topic 2

The Native American legends included in the novel are used to imply, predict, foreshadow or point out contrasting elements at different times.

1) Select one legend in the novel that you feel does the best job of foreshadowing events to come and offer specifics to support your answer.

2) Explain why the author chose to incorporate these legends instead of making her point another way.

3) Do the legends portray Native Americans in a positive or negative light? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Cassie, Alex and Will have all experienced shame. Compare and contrast the shame, its cause and how it is dealt with among these three characters. Of the three, decide who has dealt with his/her feelings of shame most effectively and why.

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