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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Ophelia's date at Alex's movie premiere?
(a) William Flying Horse.
(b) Herb Silver.
(c) Nick LaRue.
(d) Bernie Roth.

2. What does Cassie receive from Will in Chapter Twenty-Six?
(a) A rock carved with Connor's name and birthdate.
(b) Baby moccasins.
(c) A letter.
(d) A phone call.

3. What ritual does Will perform after Alex comes to take Cassie home from the reservation?
(a) A blessing ritual.
(b) A giving-away ritual.
(c) A sending-off ritual.
(d) A forgetting ritual.

4. Where is Alex scheduled to go to film a movie in Chapter Eighteen?
(a) Louisiana.
(b) New Mexico.
(c) Scotland.
(d) Africa.

5. How many Oscars does Alex win on the night that Cassie watches the award show with Will?
(a) Three.
(b) None.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

6. What trip do Alex and Cassie take together in Chapter Thirteen?
(a) They fly to Vegas.
(b) A cruise.
(c) A camping and fishing trip.
(d) A train ride through Russia.

7. How do friends and staff treat Cassie upon her return?
(a) They are distant and cool.
(b) They are warm and welcoming.
(c) They are openly hostile.
(d) They are overly solicitious.

8. Where does Will take Cassie in Chapter Twenty?
(a) Ophelia's house.
(b) A shelter.
(c) His apartment.
(d) The Sioux reservation.

9. What does Alex bring to Cassie to celebrate her discovery in Chapter Sixteen?
(a) Gourmet food.
(b) A knitted cap.
(c) Flowers.
(d) A necklace.

10. Where does Cassie go after she leaves Alex in Chapter Nineteen?
(a) To Will's.
(b) To a shelter.
(c) To a hotel.
(d) To Ophelia's.

11. What does Alex admit to Cassie that he steals when they first meet in Tanzania?
(a) Books.
(b) People's emotions.
(c) Grapes.
(d) Other men's women.

12. Who does Will learn from at the reservation in Chapter Twenty-three?
(a) Sumner Smith.
(b) John Walks with Wind.
(c) Harold Wolf.
(d) Joseph Stands in Sun.

13. What steps do Alex and Cassie take to mend their marriage after she returns home with Connor?
(a) They both attend counseling sessions.
(b) He attends counseling sessions.
(c) She attends counseling session.
(d) They both attend a church group.

14. What does Cassie name her baby?
(a) Connor.
(b) William.
(c) Alex.
(d) Chance.

15. Why does Cassie feel jealous watching Alex on the movie set in Chapter Twelve?
(a) He gently kisses an actress on the forehead.
(b) He says the same thing to another woman he said to her.
(c) He flirts with a stage hand.
(d) He is performing a sex scene.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ophelia notice on Cassie when she first returns to the US after marrying Alex?

2. What does Cassie learn to make with the elderly women in the Sioux village?

3. What does Connor tell Cassie she collects in her dream?

4. How does Alex react to Cassie's phone call from Tanzania in Chapter Sixteen?

5. In Chapter Sixteen, what does Cassie realize that she forgot to bring to Tanzania?

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