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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Two, what does Will recall his white mother doing for his father?
(a) Feeding him.
(b) Ironing his shirts.
(c) Covering up a murder.
(d) Getting him out of prison.

2. What does Alex bring Cassie in Chapter Six?
(a) A box of bones.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Plane tickets.
(d) A box of cholocates.

3. What does Alex say his apparent health hides?
(a) A monster.
(b) Rage and loss.
(c) The pain of a broken heart.
(d) A soul that died years before.

4. Where does Will take Jane in the beginning of Chapter Two?
(a) To a psychologist's office.
(b) To his parent's house.
(c) To a clinic on the reservation.
(d) To the emergency room.

5. What is the name of the beautiful woman that sidles up to Alex, and the tabloids claim was naked in Alex's trailer?
(a) Shea.
(b) Miranda.
(c) Elizabeth.
(d) Francesca.

6. What does Herb Silver want to do about media coverage regarding Cassie's disappearance?
(a) Use it to get an interview in People Magazine.
(b) Milk it to help Alex's Oscar chances.
(c) Bury the story so Alex and Cassie can have their privacy.
(d) Start a blog about reuniting after amnesia.

7. Who is Herb Silver?
(a) An agent.
(b) A police investigator.
(c) The CEO of Silver Enterprises.
(d) A country doctor.

8. Why does Alex tell Cassie they don't go out to dinner very often?
(a) She loves to cook.
(b) Their cook is so much better than any restaurant.
(c) He gets too much attention.
(d) He loves to cook.

9. What does Will buy in Chapter Eight?
(a) Sourdough bread.
(b) New furniture.
(c) Theater tickets.
(d) White T-shirts and socks.

10. What type of vehicle does William Flying Horse drive?
(a) A city bus.
(b) A motorcycle.
(c) A convertible.
(d) A truck.

11. What food does Alex bring Cassie as an apology?
(a) Kentucky Fried Chicken.
(b) Hershey Kiss Cookies.
(c) Spaghetti.
(d) Rice Crispies.

12. What best describes Ophelia and Alex's relationship?
(a) Friendly.
(b) Hostile.
(c) Intimate.
(d) Professional.

13. What happens to the photographer who takes Alex and Cassie's picture when they go out to dinner in Chapter Seven?
(a) He is physically thrown out of the restaurant.
(b) He gets punched.
(c) His camera is broken.
(d) His film is confiscated.

14. Who is Nick LaRue?
(a) The head of Cassie's department.
(b) An agent.
(c) A college student who interned with Cassie.
(d) An actor.

15. What does Alex say when Cassie asks him why she doesn't see Connor anymore?
(a) Connor is dead.
(b) He doesn't know.
(c) Connor is on active duty overseas.
(d) Connor broke her heart.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Cassie recall Alex had a tantrum about his interview with Barbara Walters?

2. What is the profession of Jane's husband?

3. Where is the unnamed woman found lying in Chapter One?

4. What best describes the success of Cassie's parents' business when she is a child in Maine?

5. Where does Jane go to meet her husband?

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