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Lesson 1 (from Preface and Chapter One)


Preface and Chapter One

A woman with no memory is rescued by a man who struggles with his half white, half Sioux identity. William Flying Horse seems to be lost (figuratively and literally) in the white world, and rejected by his colleagues in the police force. The woman, labeled Jane Doe, also lacks a self-image or anything concrete to which she can connect herself. Will takes on Jane as though she is a gift, and the two lost characters forge a bond. This lesson explores the role of identity in the novel.


1) Written- Explain how both Jane Doe's and William Flying Horse's appearance in the graveyard relate to their identities at the beginning of Picture Perfect. Also comment on how the names of these two characters contribute to their identities in their own eyes and the eyes of the reader.

2) Partner activity- Share written comments...

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