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Preface and Chapter One

• An Algonquin tale praises those who see the truth in others.

• A bruised woman awakens in a graveyard.
• William Flying Horse is beaten by fellow police officers.

• William Flying Horse finds Jane Doe in a graveyard and takes her home.

Chapter Two

• William Flying Horse takes Jane to the ER, but she still has no memory.
• Will is enraged when Jane hangs his Indian things on the wall.

• Jane plays with bones and remembers that she is an anthropologist.

Chapter Three

• Herb Silvers calls an actor in Scotland to tell him his wife has been found.
• Jane is identified as Cassie Rivers, the wife of a famous movie star, and is reunited with her husband, Alex.

Chapter Four

• Cassie and Alex return to their lush Malibu apartment.
• Cassie recalls a childhood friend named Connor.

Chapter Five

• Will Flying Horse's vision is recounted.
• Cassie begins...

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