The Philadelphia Story Character Descriptions

Philip Barry
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Mike (Macauly) Connor - This character is the author of a novel and a collection of short stories who is reduced to writing cheap stuff for expensive magazines, such as his present assignment to cover the wedding.

C.K. Dexter Haven - This character is young, wealthy, privileged, has a passion for designing yachts, has battled alcoholism, and is still in love with an ex-spouse.

Liz Imbrie - This character is the photographer who is assigned to cover the wedding and provides a contrast to the high society lifestyle.

George Kittredge - This character is an industrious self-made millionaire who enjoys the publicity generated by the upcoming wedding.

Dinah Lord - This character, the youngest of three siblings, has observations that are instrumental in the eventual outcome of the wedding.

Margaret Lord - This character is the mother of the main character and is separated from...

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