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Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Peter Pan to relent from Tinkerbell's punishment for trying to have Wendy shot?

2. What wakes Wendy?

3. What does Wendy do with his gift?

4. Who appears right after the pirates leave?

5. What does Peter Pan say is his favorite story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the relationship between the pirates, the Indians and the Lost Boys.

2. What is Tinkerbell's immediate reaction to Wendy? Why does Tinkerbell feel this way? What does she do to keep Peter Pan and Wendy apart?

3. What does Peter Pan say would be an incredible adventure? What is important about that statement?

4. What does Peter say when Hook asks who he is? What does he mean by this?

5. What is John's reaction to Peter's arrival with the imaginary tigers he captured? What conflict could be brewing between John and Peter and why?

6. Describe three interesting characters introduced in this act and tell why they capture your interest.

7. What does Peter Pan do when he cannot re-attach his shadow? Why is this out of keeping with the character he seeks to present? Why is it in keeping with the character he really is?

8. Describe at least three things Mrs. Darling does in an effort to keep the children safe.

9. What is Wendy's reaction when the Lost Boys beg her to be their mother?

10. What noise does Peter Pan make upon killing the first pirate who enters Captain Hook's quarters? What does Captain Hook then call him?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What is Tinkerbell's relationship to Peter Pan? Is Tinkerbell's level of devotion greater or lesser than Peter Pan's level of devotion to her? Give examples to support this claim.

Essay Topic 2

Compare the on-going fighting between pirates and Indians to that of ethnic groups.

Essay Topic 3

What is the significance of the medicine that prompts the argument in the nursery? Compare that to the second time medicine becomes important in the story. What is the significance of the fact that Peter Pan takes time to take the medicine Wendy left for him?

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