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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who flies first into the Darling children's window?
(a) Nana
(b) Peter Pan
(c) Michael
(d) Tinkerbell

2. Who accidentally rubs against Mr. Darling's pants, dirtying them?
(a) Wendy
(b) John
(c) Peter Pan
(d) Nana

3. Mr. Darling exaggerates the problem with his tie. What does he say the eventual result will be if he does not get it properly tied?
(a) He will have to find another job.
(b) He will be angry at Mrs. Darling.
(c) He will look ridiculous.
(d) The family will starve.

4. Who appears right after the pirates leave?
(a) Wendy
(b) Tiger Lily and the braves
(c) Peter Pan
(d) John and Michael

5. When Wendy wants to hug him, what does Peter Pan do?
(a) Hugs her back
(b) Says he must never be touched
(c) Goes to find Tinkerbell
(d) Runs to wake John

Short Answer Questions

1. What is John's reaction to the fact that the boys are building Wendy a house?

2. What kind of area in Neverland is the home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?

3. What do the boys decide they must do to protect Wendy?

4. What prompts the argument between Mr. Darling and the children?

5. Peter Pan explains that there are no girls in Neverland. Why does he say that is the case?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Peter Pan reveal about fairies?

2. What topics do the Lost Boys debate while awaiting the return of Peter Pan? Which do you feel is the most significant of the topics being discussed?

3. Why do the boys mistake Wendy for a bird? Why does someone insist that they have heard of a "Wendy bird?"

4. What is it that saves Wendy from being killed by the arrow? What is significant about this?

5. Why does Captain Hook want to capture Peter Pan? Why does he want to capture the Lost Boys?

6. Describe the argument between Mr. Darling and the boys regarding their nightly medicine.

7. What happened to Captain Hook's hand? What long-term problem has that created for the Captain?

8. What does Nana do after she is tied outside for awhile? How do the children react?

9. Describe the relationship between the pirates, the Indians and the Lost Boys.

10. When it seems that Peter Pan is about to leave, what action does Wendy take? Does it have the desired effect?

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