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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Darling exaggerates the problem with his tie. What does he say the eventual result will be if he does not get it properly tied?
(a) He will have to find another job.
(b) He will be angry at Mrs. Darling.
(c) He will look ridiculous.
(d) The family will starve.

2. What kind of area in Neverland is the home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?
(a) A ship
(b) A swamp
(c) A forest
(d) A seashore

3. Why does Captain Hook want to catch the Lost Boys?
(a) To scalp them
(b) To send them out of Neverland
(c) To make them row his ship
(d) To gain control over Peter Pan

4. What instruction does Tinkerbell yell out to the boys?
(a) To shoot the flying Wendy
(b) To call for Peter Pan
(c) To get out of the way
(d) To hide

5. What is Peter Pan about to do when he discovers that Wendy was shot?
(a) Take her home
(b) Use the arrow to kill the boy who shot her
(c) Ask Tinkerbell to save her
(d) Call for John and Michael

Short Answer Questions

1. What saved Wendy from the arrow?

2. What does Wendy say about Nana's barking?

3. What does Mr. Darling promise to do with his medicine

4. Who accidentally rubs against Mr. Darling's pants, dirtying them?

5. What is John's reaction to the fact that the boys are building Wendy a house?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Darling believe Peter Pan continues to return to the nursery window? Why does she believe this?

2. When it seems that Peter Pan is about to leave, what action does Wendy take? Does it have the desired effect?

3. Describe Tiger Lily and the Indian tribe she leads. Describe their first action in the play.

4. How do Peter Pan and Wendy escape the rising tide? What significance can be placed on their manner of escape? Why do they not simply fly?

5. What does Peter say "Would be an awfully big adventure?" How does this differ from what he had earlier said would be a big adventure? How is it the same?

6. What does Mr. Darling say will happen if he cannot get his tie properly tied? What does this say about his personality?

7. What step does Peter Pan take initially to keep Wendy from returning home? Why does he relent?

8. What is the final conversation shared by Wendy and Peter Pan before Wendy is captured by the pirates? What is Wendy searching for?

9. Describe at least three things that make it evident that this story is a fairy tale.

10. What detail did Peter Pan omit when first trying to teach the Darling children to fly? What does this symbolize?

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