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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells John it is bath time?
(a) Wendy
(b) Peter Pan
(c) Nana
(d) Mrs. Darling

2. What saved Wendy from the arrow?
(a) Tinkerbell intervened
(b) Peter Pan caught the arrow
(c) The shot missed
(d) The button Peter Pan gave her

3. What do the Indians plan to do if they catch the pirates?
(a) They plan to turn them over to Peter Pan.
(b) They plan to feed Captain Hook to the crocodile.
(c) They do not have a plan.
(d) They plan to scalp them.

4. Where is the home of the Lost Boys located?
(a) In the swamp
(b) On a ship
(c) Underground
(d) In a tree

5. What does Wendy give Peter instead of a kiss?
(a) A thimble
(b) His shadow
(c) A story book
(d) A button

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Captain Hook so anxious to catch Peter Pan?

2. Why does Captain Hook stop one of the pirates from shooting one of the boys?

3. When Wendy wants to hug him, what does Peter Pan do?

4. What promise does Peter Pan make to Wendy to encourage her to get well quickly?

5. What causes Peter Pan to relent from Tinkerbell's punishment for trying to have Wendy shot?

Short Essay Questions

1. What, besides Captain Hook's hand, has the crocodile swallowed? What does this have to do with Captain Hook's greatest fear?

2. What information does Peter Pan reveal about fairies?

3. Describe at least three things that make it evident that this story is a fairy tale.

4. What is Wendy's reaction when the Lost Boys beg her to be their mother?

5. What does Nana do after she is tied outside for awhile? How do the children react?

6. What is Wendy's first order of business as "mother" to the Lost Boys? What does Peter do? How do their actions fit into their roles?

7. What does Peter Pan do when he cannot re-attach his shadow? Why is this out of keeping with the character he seeks to present? Why is it in keeping with the character he really is?

8. Why does Wendy get shot?

9. Describe the relationship between the pirates, the Indians and the Lost Boys.

10. How do Captain Hook's appearance and mannerisms compare to his character?

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