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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Peter Pan about to do when he discovers that Wendy was shot?
(a) Call for John and Michael
(b) Use the arrow to kill the boy who shot her
(c) Take her home
(d) Ask Tinkerbell to save her

2. What is John's reaction to the fact that the boys are building Wendy a house?
(a) That she should have a large house
(b) That she is only a girl
(c) That he should also have a house
(d) That she is not going to remain long enough to need a house

3. What does Wendy do with his gift?
(a) Gives it to John
(b) Puts it in a drawer
(c) Puts it on a chain around her neck
(d) Puts it under her pillow

4. Why does Peter Pan say he ran away from home?
(a) To avoid baths
(b) Because his parents asked what kind of man he would be
(c) Because he was being forced to do chores
(d) To fight Captain Hook

5. What wakes Wendy?
(a) Peter Pan's crying
(b) John's snoring
(c) Tinkerbell
(d) Peter Pan rummaging for his shadow

Short Answer Questions

1. How are they going to travel to Neverland?

2. Which statements describe Captain Hook?

3. How does he find it?

4. What does Hook confess to be his greatest fear?

5. While Peter Pan is gone, the Lost Boys are arguing about their mothers. What is the basis of this argument?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is John's reaction when Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are building a house around Wendy? What prompts this reaction? How does it compare to Peter Pan's attitude?

2. Describe the relationship between the pirates, the Indians and the Lost Boys.

3. Why does Captain Hook want to capture Peter Pan? Why does he want to capture the Lost Boys?

4. What is Tinkerbell's immediate reaction to Wendy? Why does Tinkerbell feel this way? What does she do to keep Peter Pan and Wendy apart?

5. Describe the argument between Mr. Darling and the boys regarding their nightly medicine.

6. What is Wendy's reaction when the Lost Boys beg her to be their mother?

7. What is it that saves Wendy from being killed by the arrow? What is significant about this?

8. What information does Peter Pan reveal about fairies?

9. What do Wendy, Michael and John think of the planned trip to Neverland? Do you believe they are prepared for the reality or are they simply seeking the adventure?

10. Describe Tiger Lily and the Indian tribe she leads. Describe their first action in the play.

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