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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does he find it?
(a) He remembers where he left it.
(b) He calls for it.
(c) Tinkerbell shows him the drawer.
(d) He opens drawers until he finds it.

2. As the story opens, what is Michael objecting to?
(a) Flying
(b) Taking his medicine
(c) Playing house with Wendy
(d) Having a bath

3. Which statements describe Captain Hook?
(a) All the above
(b) His hair is over-styled
(c) He is over-dressed
(d) He is overly police

4. What happens when the boys get their first glimpse of Wendy?
(a) They believe she is a pirate returning.
(b) They think she is their mother.
(c) They believe she is a fairy.
(d) They mistake her for a bird.

5. Mr. Darling exaggerates the problem with his tie. What does he say the eventual result will be if he does not get it properly tied?
(a) The family will starve.
(b) He will be angry at Mrs. Darling.
(c) He will have to find another job.
(d) He will look ridiculous.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Peter Pan tell Wendy he kept returning to the nursery window of the Darling children?

2. What did Captain Hook sit on while talking with Smee?

3. Which of the Lost Boys does Captain Hook most want to capture?

4. After Mrs. Darling finds no one at the window, what does she do next?

5. What does Mrs. Darling have in a dresser drawer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Wendy get shot?

2. Why does Mrs. Darling believe Peter Pan continues to return to the nursery window? Why does she believe this?

3. When it seems that Peter Pan is about to leave, what action does Wendy take? Does it have the desired effect?

4. What does Peter Pan do when he cannot re-attach his shadow? Why is this out of keeping with the character he seeks to present? Why is it in keeping with the character he really is?

5. What is it that saves Wendy from being killed by the arrow? What is significant about this?

6. What is Wendy's reaction when the Lost Boys beg her to be their mother?

7. What does Mrs. Darling have hidden away in a dresser drawer? Where did she get it? Why does it cause her worry?

8. What attitude about girls does Peter Pan reveal? Why might this be the case? What does he give as an example?

9. What happened to Captain Hook's hand? What long-term problem has that created for the Captain?

10. What is Tinkerbell's immediate reaction to Wendy? Why does Tinkerbell feel this way? What does she do to keep Peter Pan and Wendy apart?

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