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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Captain Hook believe he was sitting on?
(a) A rock
(b) A chimney
(c) A giant mushroom
(d) A crocodile

2. What is the first thing Mrs. Darling does when she sees the face at the window?
(a) Rushes out to look
(b) Calls the police
(c) Calls Mr. Darling
(d) Nothing

3. Which statements describe Captain Hook?
(a) He is overly police
(b) All the above
(c) He is over-dressed
(d) His hair is over-styled

4. What does Peter Pan say is his favorite story?
(a) Snow White
(b) The Three Little Pigs
(c) Cinderella
(d) The story about fairies

5. What does Peter Pan forget to do so that the three Darling children can fly?
(a) Tell them a story about fairies
(b) Teach them to land
(c) Have them touch Tinkerbell
(d) Sprinkle them with fairy dust

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the boys decide they must do to protect Wendy?

2. Why does Peter Pan tell Wendy he kept returning to the nursery window of the Darling children?

3. What did Captain Hook sit on while talking with Smee?

4. What wakes Wendy?

5. What does Wendy offer to do with Peter Pan's shadow?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Peter Pan do when he cannot re-attach his shadow? Why is this out of keeping with the character he seeks to present? Why is it in keeping with the character he really is?

2. Why does Captain Hook want to capture Peter Pan? Why does he want to capture the Lost Boys?

3. What is Tinkerbell's immediate reaction to Wendy? Why does Tinkerbell feel this way? What does she do to keep Peter Pan and Wendy apart?

4. What, besides Captain Hook's hand, has the crocodile swallowed? What does this have to do with Captain Hook's greatest fear?

5. Describe Nana's role in the children's bedtime rituals.

6. What is Wendy's first order of business as "mother" to the Lost Boys? What does Peter do? How do their actions fit into their roles?

7. Describe three interesting characters introduced in this act and tell why they capture your interest.

8. Describe at least three things Mrs. Darling does in an effort to keep the children safe.

9. What happened to Captain Hook's hand? What long-term problem has that created for the Captain?

10. What does Mrs. Darling have hidden away in a dresser drawer? Where did she get it? Why does it cause her worry?

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