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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter Pan do once Tinkerbell has recovered?
(a) Calls on the Indians
(b) Rushes out to save Wendy and the boys
(c) Takes a nap
(d) Takes his medicine

2. When Peter Pan returns to the boys' home, what does he tell Wendy he caught?
(a) Indians
(b) Rabbits
(c) Pirates
(d) Tigers

3. How are Wendy, John and Michael to return home?
(a) They learn that there is no way to return.
(b) Through the woods and across the sea
(c) By flying as they did when they arrived in Neverland
(d) The pirates will take them on their ship.

4. What happens to Tinkerbell's light after she saves Peter Pan from the poison?
(a) It turns to green.
(b) It turns to blue.
(c) It grows dimmer.
(d) It grows brighter.

5. What does Captain Hook use as an illustration to show Smee what a mother is?
(a) A bird
(b) Wendy
(c) A crocodile
(d) Tinkerbell

6. What is Peter Pan's reaction when Wendy asks him to take them home?
(a) He is happy and wants to go along.
(b) He tells her to wait before she decides.
(c) He is angry.
(d) He asks her to take the boys with her.

7. What sound does Peter Pan make each time a pirate enters the captain's cabin?
(a) A scream
(b) A laugh
(c) A crowing
(d) A war whoop

8. What does Peter Pan do to prepare for the upcoming battle with the pirates?
(a) Calls for the Indians to help him
(b) Gathers bows and arrows
(c) Sharpens his dagger
(d) Asks Tinkerbell to describe the ship

9. Who does Wendy say tied up Nana as she tells the little boys a story?
(a) She cannot remember
(b) Peter Pan
(c) Mr. Darling
(d) Tinkerbell

10. What is Wendy's reaction to Smee's comment about mothers?
(a) She yells at him.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She gasps.
(d) She offers to be his mother as well.

11. What does Wendy say would happen to the Lost Boys if they go home with her?
(a) They will live in orphanages.
(b) They will never again have to fight pirates.
(c) Her parents will adopt them.
(d) They can return whenever they want.

12. What does Peter Pan tell Wendy about their relationship just before she leaves the underground home?
(a) That he will come visit to hear her stories
(b) That she is no longer his friend
(c) That she should not take the boys
(d) That he is her son

13. What makes John and Michael refuse to become pirates?
(a) They must fight the Indians.
(b) They must make Wendy walk the plank.
(c) They must denounce the king.
(d) They must fight Peter Pan.

14. What does Smee plan to do with his captive when he reaches the shore where Peter Pan and the others had seen the mermaid?
(a) Feed the captive to the crocodile
(b) Drown the captive
(c) Give the captive to the mermaid
(d) Leave the captive on Marooner's Rock

15. What do the boys know to be the source of the ticking that stops the executions?
(a) Peter Pan imitating the clock
(b) Smee's watch
(c) The Indian's drum
(d) Wendy tapping her foot

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wendy leave for Peter Pan as she is preparing to return to her own home?

2. What happens each time Hook sends a pirate into his quarters as the showdown with Peter Pan draws near?

3. When Peter Pan and Wendy are stranded by the rising tide, how does Wendy escape?

4. What option does Hook offer two of the boys?

5. What proof are children asked to give that they believe in fairies?

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