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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is there someone willing to watch over the boys' home following the run in between Peter Pan and Captain Hook?
(a) Because Peter Pan rescued Tiger Lily from the pirates
(b) Because Peter Pan assigned a watch
(c) Because Captain Hook ordered Smee to be certain the boys did not leave
(d) Because Peter Pan brought Wendy to Neverland

2. How are Wendy, John and Michael to return home?
(a) They learn that there is no way to return.
(b) The pirates will take them on their ship.
(c) By flying as they did when they arrived in Neverland
(d) Through the woods and across the sea

3. What happens to the pirate sent to fetch this instrument for Captain Hook's punishment of the boy who said, "God save the King?"
(a) He is killed by Peter Pan.
(b) He cannot find the item.
(c) He tells the Captain the punishment is too harsh.
(d) He runs away.

4. What is Peter Pan's reaction when Wendy asks him to take them home?
(a) He asks her to take the boys with her.
(b) He tells her to wait before she decides.
(c) He is happy and wants to go along.
(d) He is angry.

5. What task does Wendy assign the boys following their meal?
(a) To darn the socks
(b) To wash their hands
(c) To clear the table
(d) To take a bath

6. What "rule" does Wendy enforce regarding Peter Pan's chair?
(a) That they must take turns sitting in Peter's chair
(b) That Peter's chair is broken
(c) That no one sits in the father's chair when he is not at home
(d) That only she can sit in Peter Pan's chair when he is not at home

7. What rock are Wendy and Peter Pan sitting on right after seeing the mermaid?
(a) Mariner's Rock
(b) Moon Rock
(c) Captain Hook's Rock
(d) Marooner's Rock

8. What is Wendy's reaction to Smee's comment about mothers?
(a) She yells at him.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She gasps.
(d) She offers to be his mother as well.

9. What do the little boys say they want to do after Peter Pan returns to their home?
(a) Dance
(b) Go out to fight pirates
(c) Sit in his chair
(d) Eat dinner

10. What does Captain Hook use as an illustration to show Smee what a mother is?
(a) A bird
(b) Wendy
(c) A crocodile
(d) Tinkerbell

11. What action does Captain Hook eventually take with regard to sending pirates into his cabin?
(a) He bolts the door.
(b) He goes inside himself.
(c) He throws in a bomb.
(d) He sends in the Lost Boys.

12. What happens each time Hook sends a pirate into his quarters as the showdown with Peter Pan draws near?
(a) The pirates refuse to go in, prompting Hook to kill them.
(b) The pirates die.
(c) The pirates return without finding the item.
(d) The pirate cries and runs away.

13. When Peter Pan returns to the boys' home, what does he tell Wendy he caught?
(a) Pirates
(b) Indians
(c) Tigers
(d) Rabbits

14. What sound does Peter Pan make each time a pirate enters the captain's cabin?
(a) A scream
(b) A crowing
(c) A laugh
(d) A war whoop

15. What plot does Captain Hook come up with to capture Peter Pan after having captured Wendy and the boys?
(a) To wait for him to come to Wendy's rescue
(b) To poison him
(c) To leave him alone now that he has Wendy
(d) To send the crocodile after him

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound does Captain Hook hear that brings the executions to an abrupt halt?

2. What story does Wendy tell the boys as they prepare for bedtime?

3. What does Peter Pan do to prepare for the upcoming battle with the pirates?

4. What is the mermaid doing when Wendy first sees her?

5. When Peter Pan and Wendy are stranded by the rising tide, how does Peter Pan escape?

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