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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Peter Pan returns to the boys' home, what does he tell Wendy he caught?
(a) Pirates
(b) Indians
(c) Rabbits
(d) Tigers

2. What action does Captain Hook eventually take with regard to sending pirates into his cabin?
(a) He sends in the Lost Boys.
(b) He throws in a bomb.
(c) He bolts the door.
(d) He goes inside himself.

3. What does Peter Pan tell Wendy about their relationship just before she leaves the underground home?
(a) That he is her son
(b) That he will come visit to hear her stories
(c) That she is no longer his friend
(d) That she should not take the boys

4. Who stands guard over the Lost Boys after Wendy's arrival on the tail of a kite?
(a) John and Michael
(b) Tinkerbell
(c) Tiger Lily and her braves
(d) The pirates

5. What assurance does Peter Pan ask of Wendy that disappoints Wendy?
(a) That he does not have to go to bed
(b) That he does not have to read stories
(c) That she will go with him to fight the pirates
(d) That they are only pretending that he is the father

6. What sound does Captain Hook hear that brings the executions to an abrupt halt?
(a) Wendy's crying
(b) Peter Pan's cry
(c) The war whoop of the Indians
(d) The ticking of the clock heralding the crocodile's approach

7. When Smee loosens the bonds of his captive upon reaching the shore where Peter Pan and the others had seen the mermaid, what does the captive do?
(a) Takes Smee captive
(b) Fights with Smee
(c) Slips away
(d) Jumps into the water

8. What does Wendy say would happen to the Lost Boys if they go home with her?
(a) They can return whenever they want.
(b) They will live in orphanages.
(c) Her parents will adopt them.
(d) They will never again have to fight pirates.

9. What does Peter Pan do when Wendy and the others have left?
(a) He prepares to go hunting.
(b) He packs to go along.
(c) He cries.
(d) He goes to bed

10. Smee and a second pirate have someone with them as they approach the shore where Peter Pan, Wendy and the boys had seen the mermaid. Who do they have?
(a) Tiger Lily
(b) Peter Pan
(c) Mrs. Darling
(d) Captain Hook

11. What happens to Tinkerbell's light after she saves Peter Pan from the poison?
(a) It grows dimmer.
(b) It grows brighter.
(c) It turns to blue.
(d) It turns to green.

12. What sign does Peter say the Indians will use to note they have won the battle with the pirates?
(a) The beating of a drum
(b) Triumphant yelling
(c) Smoke signals
(d) There will be no signal

13. What proof are children asked to give that they believe in fairies?
(a) Shouting
(b) Clapping their hands
(c) Throwing fairy dust
(d) Ringing a bell

14. What "rule" does Wendy enforce regarding Peter Pan's chair?
(a) That they must take turns sitting in Peter's chair
(b) That Peter's chair is broken
(c) That no one sits in the father's chair when he is not at home
(d) That only she can sit in Peter Pan's chair when he is not at home

15. What do the little boys say they want to do after Peter Pan returns to their home?
(a) Go out to fight pirates
(b) Sit in his chair
(c) Dance
(d) Eat dinner

Short Answer Questions

1. As children react to Peter's call, what happens to Tinkerbell?

2. What, according to Peter Pan, is the specific purpose for the rock on which he and Wendy are sitting immediately after sighting the mermaid?

3. Why is there someone willing to watch over the boys' home following the run in between Peter Pan and Captain Hook?

4. What does Captain Hook use as an illustration to show Smee what a mother is?

5. What task does Wendy assign the boys following their meal?

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