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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the boys know to be the source of the ticking that stops the executions?
(a) Smee's watch
(b) Peter Pan imitating the clock
(c) Wendy tapping her foot
(d) The Indian's drum

2. What does Smee say about a "mother"?
(a) That he does not know what a mother is
(b) That his mother will be calling him for supper soon
(c) That his mother is better than Captain Hook's mother
(d) That he loves his own mother

3. What does Peter Pan do with the eggs he removes from a bird's nest?
(a) Carries them to shore
(b) Throws them at Captain Hook
(c) Places them in a pirate's hat
(d) Eats them

4. When Peter Pan and Wendy are stranded by the rising tide, how does Wendy escape?
(a) She catches hold of a kite's tail.
(b) She flies.
(c) Peter Pan carries her.
(d) She swims.

5. What is Peter Pan's reaction when Wendy asks him to take them home?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He tells her to wait before she decides.
(c) He is happy and wants to go along.
(d) He asks her to take the boys with her.

6. How does Tinkerbell save Peter Pan from the poison?
(a) She drinks it herself.
(b) She tells him of Hook's plan.
(c) She sprinkles fairy dust on it.
(d) She pours it out.

7. What last instruction does Wendy offer the boys as they face the pirates?
(a) To call out for Peter Pan
(b) To fight
(c) To swim for shore
(d) To die like English gentlemen

8. What is Captain Hook upset about when he approaches Smee after the captive escapes?
(a) That the crocodile is back
(b) That the Lost Boys have found a mother
(c) That he was not able to catch a mermaid
(d) That he has not got a mother of his own

9. What makes John and Michael refuse to become pirates?
(a) They must fight Peter Pan.
(b) They must fight the Indians.
(c) They must denounce the king.
(d) They must make Wendy walk the plank.

10. What does Smee suggest the pirates do in order to have a mother of their own?
(a) Send the Lost Boys away
(b) Kidnap Wendy
(c) Move in with the Lost Boys
(d) Find someone like Wendy to live with them

11. What does Peter Pan do when Wendy and the others have left?
(a) He goes to bed
(b) He packs to go along.
(c) He prepares to go hunting.
(d) He cries.

12. When Peter Pan and Wendy are stranded by the rising tide, how does Peter Pan escape?
(a) He sails to shore in a bird's nest.
(b) He swims.
(c) He flies.
(d) He holds to a kite's tail.

13. What sound does Captain Hook hear that brings the executions to an abrupt halt?
(a) The war whoop of the Indians
(b) Peter Pan's cry
(c) The ticking of the clock heralding the crocodile's approach
(d) Wendy's crying

14. What disguise does Peter Pan don as he prepares to fight Captain Hook?
(a) A pirate's hat
(b) Wendy's cloak
(c) Feathers
(d) None, he simply hides

15. What happens to Wendy and the boys as they leave the underground home?
(a) They are captured by Captain Hook.
(b) They are chased by a crocodile.
(c) They find they are lonely for Peter Pan.
(d) They are captured by the Indians.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who stands guard over the Lost Boys after Wendy's arrival on the tail of a kite?

2. What does Peter Pan do to prepare for the upcoming battle with the pirates?

3. What happens to Tinkerbell's light after she saves Peter Pan from the poison?

4. What objection do some of the boys have to becoming pirates?

5. How does Captain Hook lure Wendy and the boys from their hiding place?

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