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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sound does Captain Hook hear that brings the executions to an abrupt halt?
(a) The ticking of the clock heralding the crocodile's approach
(b) Wendy's crying
(c) Peter Pan's cry
(d) The war whoop of the Indians

2. What do the little boys say they want to do after Peter Pan returns to their home?
(a) Go out to fight pirates
(b) Dance
(c) Eat dinner
(d) Sit in his chair

3. Who wakes Peter Pan to go to the rescue of Wendy and the boys?
(a) No one
(b) Tinkerbell
(c) Captain Hook
(d) Tiger Lily

4. Why does Smee set his captive free upon reaching the place where Peter Pan and the others had seen the mermaid?
(a) He feels sorry for the captive.
(b) Peter Pan, sounding like Hook, orders him to do so.
(c) It was the punishment Captain Hook ordered.
(d) He cannot find the crocodile.

5. How does Tinkerbell save Peter Pan from the poison?
(a) She tells him of Hook's plan.
(b) She sprinkles fairy dust on it.
(c) She pours it out.
(d) She drinks it herself.

6. What does Peter Pan realize about Tinkerbells' situation after she saves him from the poison?
(a) That she is going to die
(b) That she will be saved if all boys and girls believe in fairies
(c) That he has to leave her in order to save Wendy
(d) That she will never again be green

7. Why is there someone willing to watch over the boys' home following the run in between Peter Pan and Captain Hook?
(a) Because Peter Pan assigned a watch
(b) Because Captain Hook ordered Smee to be certain the boys did not leave
(c) Because Peter Pan rescued Tiger Lily from the pirates
(d) Because Peter Pan brought Wendy to Neverland

8. How does Captain Hook attempt to poison Peter Pan?
(a) By pouring poison into Peter's mouth
(b) By pouring poison into Peter's medicine
(c) By pouring poison on Peter's dagger
(d) By putting poison on Peter's fork and plate

9. What does Wendy say would happen to the Lost Boys if they go home with her?
(a) They will never again have to fight pirates.
(b) Her parents will adopt them.
(c) They will live in orphanages.
(d) They can return whenever they want.

10. Where are Wendy and the boys taken after the pirates capture them?
(a) To Captain Hook's ship
(b) To a fishing hut
(c) To the Indian village
(d) To Marooner's Rock

11. What does Peter Pan do to prepare for the upcoming battle with the pirates?
(a) Gathers bows and arrows
(b) Asks Tinkerbell to describe the ship
(c) Calls for the Indians to help him
(d) Sharpens his dagger

12. What is Captain Hook upset about when he approaches Smee after the captive escapes?
(a) That he has not got a mother of his own
(b) That he was not able to catch a mermaid
(c) That the crocodile is back
(d) That the Lost Boys have found a mother

13. Who does Wendy say tied up Nana as she tells the little boys a story?
(a) Peter Pan
(b) She cannot remember
(c) Tinkerbell
(d) Mr. Darling

14. What do the boys know to be the source of the ticking that stops the executions?
(a) Smee's watch
(b) The Indian's drum
(c) Peter Pan imitating the clock
(d) Wendy tapping her foot

15. What happens before Wendy and the boys can leave Neverland?
(a) The boys change their minds .
(b) Peter Pan convinces them to stay.
(c) The pirates attack the Indians.
(d) John and Michael want another story.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Smee using for transportation when he approaches the shore where Peter Pan, Wendy and the boys had been standing?

2. Why does Captain Hook decide that he must throw Wendy overboard?

3. What does Peter Pan say about catching a mermaid?

4. What final action does Captain Hook take upon knowing that he has been beaten?

5. Who stands guard over the Lost Boys after Wendy's arrival on the tail of a kite?

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