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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What saved Wendy from the arrow?
(a) Peter Pan caught the arrow
(b) The shot missed
(c) The button Peter Pan gave her
(d) Tinkerbell intervened

2. What fate is expected for the boy who shot Wendy?
(a) He will be shot.
(b) He is to leave the island in fear of Peter Pan's retaliation.
(c) He has to go live with the pirates.
(d) He has to clean the hideout for a week.

3. What wakes Wendy?
(a) John's snoring
(b) Tinkerbell
(c) Peter Pan's crying
(d) Peter Pan rummaging for his shadow

4. Peter Pan prepares to leave, what does Wendy offer to do?
(a) Give him a hug
(b) Go with him to tell stories to the Lost Boys
(c) Find Tinkerbell
(d) Sew his shadow to his feet

5. Why does Peter Pan say he ran away from home?
(a) To avoid baths
(b) Because he was being forced to do chores
(c) Because his parents asked what kind of man he would be
(d) To fight Captain Hook

6. What is John's reaction to the fact that the boys are building Wendy a house?
(a) That she is not going to remain long enough to need a house
(b) That she is only a girl
(c) That she should have a large house
(d) That he should also have a house

7. What does Wendy give Peter instead of a kiss?
(a) A thimble
(b) A button
(c) His shadow
(d) A story book

8. What does Mr. Darling make Nana do?
(a) Take the medicine
(b) Go outside
(c) Stop barking
(d) Have a bath

9. Why does Captain Hook stop one of the pirates from shooting one of the boys?
(a) He says that Tiger Lily and the redskins will attack
(b) He says Peter Pan will attack him
(c) He says they cannot kill a child
(d) He says they will scare the other boys away

10. Who tells John it is bath time?
(a) Nana
(b) Peter Pan
(c) Wendy
(d) Mrs. Darling

11. What happens to Mr. Darling's pants?
(a) They have mud on them.
(b) There are paw prints on them.
(c) They are wrinkled.
(d) There are hairs on them.

12. What is the point of the stage direction?
(a) Only to provide information for the reader
(b) Only to direct actors
(c) To direct actors and provide information for the reader
(d) They serve no purpose

13. What does Mr. Darling promise to do with his medicine
(a) Pour it out
(b) Give it to the children
(c) Give it to Mrs. Darling
(d) Take it

14. What is Peter Pan about to do when he discovers that Wendy was shot?
(a) Ask Tinkerbell to save her
(b) Take her home
(c) Use the arrow to kill the boy who shot her
(d) Call for John and Michael

15. When Wendy wants to hug him, what does Peter Pan do?
(a) Runs to wake John
(b) Hugs her back
(c) Goes to find Tinkerbell
(d) Says he must never be touched

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Peter Pan say boys arrive in Neverland?

2. What did Captain Hook sit on while talking with Smee?

3. When does Peter Pan say a fairy dies?

4. Why does Peter Pan tell Wendy he kept returning to the nursery window of the Darling children?

5. What problem does Peter Pan encounter when he finds his shadow?

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