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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Though the Lost Boys argue over their bravery, what is their reaction when the pirates arrive?
(a) They find bows and arrows and fight.
(b) They run and hide.
(c) They call for the Indians.
(d) They call for Peter Pan.

2. What does Wendy say about Nana's barking?
(a) That she wants inside
(b) That she wants outside
(c) That it is her
(d) That she is angry at Mr. Darling

3. Who is Captain Hook's first mate?
(a) Sam
(b) Croc
(c) Smee
(d) Scheen

4. What does Mrs. Darling do before she leaves for the evening?
(a) Calls the neighbors to watch over the children
(b) Tucks in the children and again checks the windows
(c) Brings Nana inside
(d) Gives the children medicine

5. Who arrives to break up the boys' conversation?
(a) Tiger Lily
(b) Peter Pan
(c) The pirates
(d) Wendy

6. What fate is expected for the boy who shot Wendy?
(a) He has to go live with the pirates.
(b) He is to leave the island in fear of Peter Pan's retaliation.
(c) He will be shot.
(d) He has to clean the hideout for a week.

7. What prompts the argument between Mr. Darling and the children?
(a) Mr. Darling's dirtied pants
(b) Dinner
(c) Medicine
(d) Mr. Darling's tie

8. What do the boys decide they must do to protect Wendy?
(a) Take her away from Neverland
(b) Hide her from the pirates
(c) Build a house around her
(d) Ask the Indians for help

9. What is the first thing Mrs. Darling does when she sees the face at the window?
(a) Calls the police
(b) Rushes out to look
(c) Calls Mr. Darling
(d) Nothing

10. What is John's reaction to the fact that the boys are building Wendy a house?
(a) That he should also have a house
(b) That she should have a large house
(c) That she is only a girl
(d) That she is not going to remain long enough to need a house

11. What does Mr. Darling say about his medicine as compared to that of the children?
(a) That he has no medicine
(b) That his is worse
(c) That his is better
(d) That the boys are crybabies for not wanting to take it

12. What does Peter Pan give her in return?
(a) A button
(b) A story book
(c) A thimble
(d) His shadow

13. What does Wendy offer to do with Peter Pan's shadow?
(a) Wash it
(b) Find it for him
(c) Put it back in the drawer
(d) Sew it to his feet

14. What promise does Peter Pan make to Wendy to encourage her to get well quickly?
(a) To see the mermaids
(b) To see the Indians
(c) To tell her a story
(d) To see the pirates

15. Why does Captain Hook stop one of the pirates from shooting one of the boys?
(a) He says they cannot kill a child
(b) He says that Tiger Lily and the redskins will attack
(c) He says they will scare the other boys away
(d) He says Peter Pan will attack him

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Darling think she sees at the window?

2. What does Wendy do with his gift?

3. What is it that chases the pirates away from the home of the Lost Boys?

4. Why is Captain Hook so anxious to catch Peter Pan?

5. What saved Wendy from the arrow?

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