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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Captain Hook always know the crocodile is approaching?
(a) The other pirates warn him
(b) The crocodile's stomach growling
(c) The ticking of a clock swallowed by the crocodile
(d) The crocodile's smell

2. What is John's reaction to the fact that the boys are building Wendy a house?
(a) That she is not going to remain long enough to need a house
(b) That she is only a girl
(c) That she should have a large house
(d) That he should also have a house

3. What kind of area in Neverland is the home of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?
(a) A seashore
(b) A swamp
(c) A ship
(d) A forest

4. When does Peter Pan say a fairy is born?
(a) Every time a bell rings
(b) Every time a child is born
(c) When a child laughs
(d) When a child says he believes in fairies

5. What is Peter Pan searching for?
(a) Fairy dust
(b) His shadow
(c) Wendy
(d) Tinkerbell

6. What did Captain Hook believe he was sitting on?
(a) A crocodile
(b) A chimney
(c) A rock
(d) A giant mushroom

7. What are the Lost Boys talking about when they come out of hiding after the pirates have gone?
(a) They should have whipped the pirates.
(b) They are nervous without Peter Pan.
(c) They should remain in hiding.
(d) They should leave Neverland.

8. When Wendy wants to hug him, what does Peter Pan do?
(a) Says he must never be touched
(b) Goes to find Tinkerbell
(c) Hugs her back
(d) Runs to wake John

9. What does Mr. Darling promise to do with his medicine
(a) Give it to Mrs. Darling
(b) Take it
(c) Give it to the children
(d) Pour it out

10. Who arrives to break up the boys' conversation?
(a) Peter Pan
(b) The pirates
(c) Tiger Lily
(d) Wendy

11. Why does Captain Hook stop one of the pirates from shooting one of the boys?
(a) He says they cannot kill a child
(b) He says they will scare the other boys away
(c) He says Peter Pan will attack him
(d) He says that Tiger Lily and the redskins will attack

12. What do the boys decide they must do to protect Wendy?
(a) Ask the Indians for help
(b) Take her away from Neverland
(c) Build a house around her
(d) Hide her from the pirates

13. How do John and Michael react when Wendy wakes them with the news that they are flying to Neverland?
(a) They are excited.
(b) They ask where Neverland is.
(c) They do not want to go
(d) They are afraid.

14. What action does Mrs. Darling promise the children will keep them from harm?
(a) Letting Nana inside
(b) Keeping the windows locked
(c) Calling the police
(d) Lighting a nightlight

15. Who is the leader of the pirates?
(a) Tibs
(b) Tiger Lily
(c) They have no leader
(d) Captain Hook

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing Mrs. Darling does when she sees the face at the window?

2. While Peter Pan is gone, the Lost Boys are arguing about their mothers. What is the basis of this argument?

3. What do the Lost Boys see at the same time they spot Wendy?

4. What do the Lost Boys soon realize about Wendy?

5. What brought the Indians to the scene?

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