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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who accidentally rubs against Mr. Darling's pants, dirtying them?
(a) John
(b) Peter Pan
(c) Wendy
(d) Nana

2. What does Wendy give Peter instead of a kiss?
(a) A button
(b) His shadow
(c) A thimble
(d) A story book

3. When Wendy wants to hug him, what does Peter Pan do?
(a) Goes to find Tinkerbell
(b) Runs to wake John
(c) Hugs her back
(d) Says he must never be touched

4. What causes Peter Pan to relent from Tinkerbell's punishment for trying to have Wendy shot?
(a) She promises to be good.
(b) She refuses to give him anymore fairy dust.
(c) She threatens to tell the pirates Peter's whereabouts.
(d) She looks sad.

5. What brought the Indians to the scene?
(a) They followed the sound of the crocodile.
(b) They were tracking the pirates.
(c) They heard Peter Pan had returned.
(d) They heard the boys' screams.

6. Where do Mr. and Mrs. Darling go?
(a) To a neighbor's home
(b) To work
(c) To dinner
(d) To bed

7. When does Peter Pan say a fairy dies?
(a) When a bell rings
(b) When a child cries
(c) When a child says he does not believe in fairies
(d) When a child is born

8. What does Peter Pan give her in return?
(a) His shadow
(b) A story book
(c) A button
(d) A thimble

9. How does Peter Pan say boys arrive in Neverland?
(a) They followed the fairies there.
(b) They flew away with Peter Pan.
(c) They wanted to never grow up.
(d) They fell out of their carriages and were sent there.

10. What do the Lost Boys see at the same time they spot Wendy?
(a) Tinkerbell chasing her
(b) Peter Pan flying with John and Michael
(c) The pirates returning
(d) A white bird

11. Who, besides Peter Pan, wants to know what happened in the story of Cinderella?
(a) The Lost Boys
(b) Captain Hook
(c) Tiger Lily's tribe
(d) John and Michael

12. What did Captain Hook believe he was sitting on?
(a) A rock
(b) A chimney
(c) A crocodile
(d) A giant mushroom

13. What does Wendy say about Nana's barking?
(a) That she wants outside
(b) That she wants inside
(c) That it is her
(d) That she is angry at Mr. Darling

14. What does Wendy do with his gift?
(a) Puts it on a chain around her neck
(b) Puts it under her pillow
(c) Gives it to John
(d) Puts it in a drawer

15. What do the Lost Boys soon realize about Wendy?
(a) She is in love with Peter Pan.
(b) She does not know how to fly.
(c) She is not a bird, but a lady come to care for them.
(d) She does not know the ending of Cinderella.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wendy learn from her first conversation with Peter Pan?

2. What promise does Peter Pan make to Wendy to encourage her to get well quickly?

3. Who arrives to break up the boys' conversation?

4. What is the point of the stage direction?

5. What action does Mrs. Darling promise the children will keep them from harm?

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