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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Peter Pan explains that there are no girls in Neverland. Why does he say that is the case?
(a) Girls cannot fly.
(b) Girls are too smart to fall out of carriages.
(c) Girls do not believe in fairies.
(d) Girls want to grow up.

2. As the story opens, what is Michael objecting to?
(a) Taking his medicine
(b) Flying
(c) Having a bath
(d) Playing house with Wendy

3. When does Peter Pan say a fairy dies?
(a) When a child says he does not believe in fairies
(b) When a child is born
(c) When a bell rings
(d) When a child cries

4. What is it that chases the pirates away from the home of the Lost Boys?
(a) Tiger Lily and her tribe
(b) The ticking from the clock swallowed by the crocodile
(c) Peter Pan
(d) John and Michael

5. What brought the Indians to the scene?
(a) They heard Peter Pan had returned.
(b) They heard the boys' screams.
(c) They were tracking the pirates.
(d) They followed the sound of the crocodile.

6. What happens to Wendy as she comes within sight of the Lost Boys?
(a) She waves at the boys.
(b) She forgets how to land.
(c) She is shot with an arrow.
(d) She crashes into a tree.

7. What is the first thing Mrs. Darling does when she sees the face at the window?
(a) Rushes out to look
(b) Nothing
(c) Calls the police
(d) Calls Mr. Darling

8. Who goes and gets Mr. Darling's medicine?
(a) Michael
(b) Wendy
(c) Mrs. Darling
(d) Nana

9. Which statements describe Captain Hook?
(a) All the above
(b) He is over-dressed
(c) His hair is over-styled
(d) He is overly police

10. Who is Nana?
(a) Wendy's favorite aunt
(b) The family's horse
(c) The sheepdog who serves as the children's nurse
(d) The children's grandmother

11. Why does Peter Pan tell Wendy he kept returning to the nursery window of the Darling children?
(a) To find Tinkerbell
(b) To hear the stories
(c) To find his shadow
(d) To watch Mrs. Darling care for the Darling children

12. What does Wendy say about Nana's barking?
(a) That she wants inside
(b) That she wants outside
(c) That she is angry at Mr. Darling
(d) That it is her

13. What saved Wendy from the arrow?
(a) The button Peter Pan gave her
(b) Peter Pan caught the arrow
(c) The shot missed
(d) Tinkerbell intervened

14. What does Wendy give Peter instead of a kiss?
(a) A button
(b) A thimble
(c) His shadow
(d) A story book

15. When does Peter Pan say a fairy is born?
(a) Every time a child is born
(b) Every time a bell rings
(c) When a child says he believes in fairies
(d) When a child laughs

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Peter Pan say he lives?

2. What does Peter Pan ask Wendy for?

3. Though the Lost Boys argue over their bravery, what is their reaction when the pirates arrive?

4. What happens to Mr. Darling's pants?

5. What does Wendy do with his gift?

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