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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Peter Pan say a fairy is born?
(a) When a child says he believes in fairies
(b) When a child laughs
(c) Every time a bell rings
(d) Every time a child is born

2. What does Peter Pan ask Wendy for?
(a) The ending of the story
(b) A book to read to the Lost Boys
(c) A dose of medicine
(d) Another thimble

3. What does Mrs. Darling have in a dresser drawer?
(a) A letter
(b) Peter Pan's shadow
(c) Tinkerbell
(d) Clothing

4. As the story opens, what is Michael objecting to?
(a) Taking his medicine
(b) Having a bath
(c) Flying
(d) Playing house with Wendy

5. What does Peter Pan forget to do so that the three Darling children can fly?
(a) Sprinkle them with fairy dust
(b) Have them touch Tinkerbell
(c) Teach them to land
(d) Tell them a story about fairies

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Peter Pan say he lives?

2. What action does Mrs. Darling promise the children will keep them from harm?

3. Why does Mrs. Darling want Nana to stay with the children?

4. Why does Mrs. Darling think Peter Pan continues to return to the Darling house?

5. What do the Lost Boys reveal about the reason they shot Wendy?

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