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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Lost Boys see at the same time they spot Wendy?
(a) Tinkerbell chasing her
(b) A white bird
(c) The pirates returning
(d) Peter Pan flying with John and Michael

2. What does Peter Pan ask Wendy for?
(a) The ending of the story
(b) Another thimble
(c) A dose of medicine
(d) A book to read to the Lost Boys

3. What does Mrs. Darling do before she leaves for the evening?
(a) Gives the children medicine
(b) Calls the neighbors to watch over the children
(c) Brings Nana inside
(d) Tucks in the children and again checks the windows

4. Why does Mrs. Darling want Nana to stay with the children?
(a) So the children will not be afraid
(b) To give them baths
(c) For protection
(d) To give them medicine

5. How are they going to travel to Neverland?
(a) Walk
(b) Fly
(c) Go by wagon
(d) Peter Pan will carry them

Short Answer Questions

1. What does he do with his medicine?

2. What rock are Wendy and Peter Pan sitting on right after seeing the mermaid?

3. What instruction does Tinkerbell yell out to the boys?

4. Where is the home of the Lost Boys located?

5. As the story opens, what is Michael objecting to?

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