Daily Lessons for Teaching Peter Pan

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Lesson 1 (from Act 1, Part 1)


Peter Pan is a fairy tale. There are some specific events that set it apart as a fairy tale. The objective of this lesson is to understand the difference in fairy tale, fables and other kinds of stories.


1. List qualities of a fairy tale. List points from the opening act that makes Peter Pan a fairy tale.

2. Have students list as many fairy tales as they can. Discuss why each is considered a fairy tale.

3. Ask the question, "Are all fairy tales old-fashioned?" Could there be a fairy tale set in space? Set in a modern day city? What elements are changed in these settings?

4. Write a fairy tale or create a surprising turn to an old favorite.

Lesson 2 (from Act 1, Part 1)


Family dynamics plays an important role in explaining a particular character's actions and reactions. Members of the Darling household are no exception. The objective of...

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