Peter Pan Character Descriptions

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Mr. George Darling - The man who insists on tying Nana outside and who sleeps in the kennel while the children are missing.

John Darling - The boy who refuses to be a pirate when he learns he would have to denounce the British king.

Mrs. Mary Darling - The loving mother of John, Michael and Wendy.

Michael Darling - The first of the Darling children to fly.

Wendy Darling - The girl who takes her duty as surrogate mother to the Lost Boys very seriously.

First Twin - See The Lost Boys

Captain James Hook - Peter Pan's mortal enemy.

Hunkering - See The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys - The name given to the group of six youngsters living in Never Land.

Nana - The nursemaid who cares for the Darling children.

Nibs - See The Lost Boys

Peter Pan - The boy who ran...

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