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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is pleased that Anne is staying until they can bring Anne to Bath themselves?

2. The group is going to visit friends of which person at the seaside town?

3. Who claims to be sick and calls Anne to his/her side?

4. Anne's plans to leave for where are interrupted?

5. Who is Sir Elliot's late wife's best friend?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain what Anne thinks are the cons of staying with Lady Russell rather than Mary.

2. Explain what causes Anne to be overjoyed at the concert in Chapter 20.

3. Explain how Anne feels about Mr. Elliot.

4. When everyone travels to Bath to surprise the Elliots, in Chapter 22, what news do they bring?

5. Describe Sir Walter Elliot.

6. Describe what happens when Anne visits the Crofts on their first day at Kellynch Hall.

7. Explain the event towards the end of Chapter 10 that causes Anne to believe that she finally understands Frederick.

8. Describe the meeting between Anne and Captain Wentworth in Chapter 7.

9. Explain what Mrs. Smith tells Anne about the time when Mr. Elliot was a friend of the Smiths.

10. How does Mr. Elliot react to news of Anne and Frederick's marriage?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

As the title of the book suggests, persuasion is a major theme. List examples of how the powers of persuasion affect Anne throughout the book. Also, state whether you agree or disagree with Anne's reactions to that persuasion.

Essay Topic 2

Is Anne affected by social standing? If so, in what ways? Use examples from the book to prove your point.

Essay Topic 3

Everyone is surprised by Captain Benwick's engagement to Louisa. Admiral Croft thought Louisa would marry Frederick. Do you feel that Louisa and Captain Benwick were a good match? Why or why not? If not, who do you think each one should have married and why?

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