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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mary is glad that Captain Wentworth is marrying Anne, rather than who?
(a) Elizabeth or Mrs. Clay
(b) Louisa or Elizabeth
(c) Henrietta or Elizabeth
(d) Henrietta or Louisa

2. Sir Elliot gives whom an unusual compliment later the day that Mrs. Clay tries to leave?
(a) Anne
(b) Lady Russell
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Mrs. Clay

3. Anne receives a very upsetting letter from whom in Chapter 18?
(a) Captain Wentworth
(b) Mary
(c) Captain Benwick
(d) Louisa

4. Since the Crofts are going away, Anne will not have to worry about seeing whom at Kellynch?
(a) Henrietta
(b) Louisa
(c) Captain Wentworth
(d) Charles

5. What causes Anne and Mr. Elliot to have thoughtful discussions.
(a) Mr. Elliot has a stronger opinion of social standing than Anne does.
(b) They both enjoy literature.
(c) Anne has a stronger opinion of social standing than Mr. Elliot does.
(d) They have opposing views on literature.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne find out was Captain Wentworth's true reason for coming to Bath?

2. Who escorts Anne for the first half of her trip home after the gathering?

3. Mr. Elliot married his first wife for what reason, according to Mrs. Smith?

4. As the family discusses Mr. Elliot, who arrives?

5. Which holiday is fast approaching in Chapter 14?

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