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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mary resents which person when he/she is gone for too long?
(a) her husband
(b) her son
(c) Anne
(d) her daughter

2. Which family shows no signs of knowing about Anne's relationship with Mr. Wentworth?
(a) neither
(b) the Musgroves
(c) both the Crofts and the Musgroves
(d) the Crofts

3. Anne's plans to leave for where are interrupted?
(a) Paris
(b) Brussels
(c) Bath
(d) London

4. Lady Russell hopes that the move will end whose friendship with Mrs. Clay?
(a) Anne's
(b) Elizabeth's
(c) Sir Elliot's
(d) Mary's

5. Who says that nobody will want Anne in Bath anyway?
(a) Elizabeth
(b) Sir Elliot
(c) Lady Russell
(d) Mary

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Frederick's last name?

2. Chapter 3 follows a conversation between the Elliots and whom?

3. Who writes a budget for the Elliot family?

4. Who thinks the navy is a noble profession?

5. Anne overhears Captain Wentworth tell Louisa that he prefers what sort of women?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens when Mr. Elliot tries to engage Anne in conversation at the concert.

2. Explain Anne and Lady Russell's opinions about whether or not Anne should marry Mr. Elliot.

3. Explain how Anne's plans to care for Louisa are interrupted.

4. When Anne and Frederick meet in town on a rainy day, what happens?

5. Explain what type of person Mr. Shepherd considers renting Kellynch Hall to and why.

6. Explain how all of the Musgroves treat Anne.

7. Describe the first applicant to apply to rent Kellynch Hall.

8. At her father's gathering, describe what Anne and Frederick talk about.

9. In Chapter 23, as he leaves the gathering, Captain Wentworth does what, with regard to Anne and what is the result?

10. Explain what Mrs. Smith tells Anne about the time when Mr. Elliot was a friend of the Smiths.

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