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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Crofts expected Louisa to marry ______________.
(a) Mr. Elliot
(b) Captain Wentworth
(c) Sir Elliot
(d) Captain Smith

2. Who arrives to escort Anne back from the rainy walk?
(a) Sir Elliot
(b) Captain Benwick
(c) Mr. Elliot
(d) Charles

3. At the start of Chapter 17, Anne pays a visit to whom?
(a) Mrs. Smith
(b) Mrs. Woods
(c) Mrs. Harris
(d) Mrs. Jones

4. The Musgroves take a trip to visit __________.
(a) Louisa
(b) Mary
(c) Captain Wentworth
(d) Anne

5. Captain Wentworth places what object in front of Anne?
(a) a letter
(b) a book
(c) a rose
(d) a piece of cake

6. What surprising reaction to Anne's father and sister have over her arrival?
(a) They ask her to stay at the house while they go on a trip.
(b) They are happy to see her.
(c) They ask her to leave.
(d) They seem indifferent.

7. Elizabeth and Anne's father are excited about who being back in their lives?
(a) Anne
(b) Mr. Elliot, the heir
(c) Mary
(d) Mr. Wentworth

8. For the first time, Captain Wentworth seems to show what emotion regarding Anne?
(a) jealousy over Mr. Elliot's escorting Anne home
(b) sadness that there is no hope for them to reunite
(c) the hope that he and Anne may reunite
(d) gladness that Anne is moving on with her life

9. The Crofts announce that they are going away for how long?
(a) a month
(b) a few months
(c) a few weeks
(d) a week

10. Miss Hamilton is the former name of which person?
(a) Mrs. Clay
(b) Lady Russell
(c) Mrs. Smith
(d) Mrs. Musgrove

11. Lady Russell tells Anne that nothing would make her happier than to see Anne do what?
(a) marry a sailor
(b) become the next Lady Elliot to preside over Kellynch Hall
(c) become an artist
(d) stay with lady Russell forever

12. Who tells SIr Elliot and Elizabeth that they will soon leave?
(a) Mr. Elliot
(b) Anne
(c) Mrs. Clay
(d) Lady Russell

13. To what does Mrs. Smith tells Anne that Mr. Elliot led her family?
(a) understanding
(b) good health
(c) wealth
(d) poverty

14. What does Elizabeth now think of Captain Wentworth?
(a) He seems like a person she should get to know.
(b) She hates him.
(c) She is in love with him.
(d) She thinks he is a liar and a thief.

15. What causes Anne and Mr. Elliot to have thoughtful discussions.
(a) Anne has a stronger opinion of social standing than Mr. Elliot does.
(b) Mr. Elliot has a stronger opinion of social standing than Anne does.
(c) They both enjoy literature.
(d) They have opposing views on literature.

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne goes for a walk with __________ who recounts the engagement to her.

2. Anne apologizes to Captain Wentworth for _____________________________.

3. In the final chapter, the narration changes from Anne's point of view to ___________________________.

4. Anne is overjoyed and glowing over what occurrence?

5. Who does not like Captain Benwick?

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