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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Elliot told everyone he would be out of town for ______________ but is spotted outside talking to Mrs. Clay?
(a) for a vacation
(b) to visit his cousin
(c) business
(d) to visit a sick friend

2. Captain Wentworth's group sees that Mr. Elliot fancies __________.
(a) Lady Russell
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Anne
(d) Mrs. Clay

3. Anne's father and sister disapprove of her going to see __________ instead of accepting the invitation from the royal cousin.
(a) Louisa
(b) Captain Wentworth
(c) Mrs. Smith
(d) Lady Russell

4. From whom does the Elliot family receive an invitation?
(a) Lady Dalrymple
(b) Lady Rydell
(c) Lady Rindimple
(d) Lady Dayripple

5. How does Anne feel about seeing everyone again?
(a) She is excited and happy.
(b) She wishes that Captain Benwick hadn't come
(c) She wishes that Henrietta had not come.
(d) She is overwhelmed by the large crowd.

6. With whom does Anne think that Captain Wentworth is in love?
(a) Anne herself
(b) Louisa
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Mrs. Clay

7. Who had not visited Louisa for months?
(a) Mary
(b) Charles
(c) Captain Wentworth
(d) Captain Benwick

8. Since the Crofts are going away, Anne will not have to worry about seeing whom at Kellynch?
(a) Captain Wentworth
(b) Charles
(c) Louisa
(d) Henrietta

9. Anne tries to find out what about her father on her second day in Bath?
(a) whether he is in debt
(b) whether he is happy in Bath
(c) whether he is in love with Mrs. Clay
(d) whether he now respects Anne more

10. Admiral Croft finds out that Captain Wentworth is on his way _____________.
(a) to board a ship and go to sea
(b) to Kellynch hall
(c) to Bath
(d) to Uppercross

11. Lady Russell tells Anne that which person could not stop talking about Anne at the gathering?
(a) Lady Russell
(b) Sir Elliot
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Mr. Elliot

12. Who has to reconcile herself to the fact that she judged Captain Wentworth wrongly?
(a) Lady Russell
(b) Anne
(c) Mary
(d) Mrs. Clay

13. The Crofts expected Louisa to marry ______________.
(a) Captain Smith
(b) Mr. Elliot
(c) Sir Elliot
(d) Captain Wentworth

14. Anne denies what, when questioned by Mrs. Smith?
(a) Anne has turned down Mr. Elliot's proposal
(b) Anne and Captain Wentworth intend to marry.
(c) Anne and Mr. Elliot intend to marry.
(d) Anne has turned down Captain Wentworth again.

15. Mary and her husband go where with Mrs. Musgrove?
(a) Bath
(b) the mountains
(c) Kellynch Hall
(d) the seashore

Short Answer Questions

1. Henrietta is now ___________________________.

2. Who do Charles and Mary call on soon after their return?

3. What does Anne find out was Captain Wentworth's true reason for coming to Bath?

4. Everyone in Captain Wentworth's group has good things to say about _________________.

5. Anne thinks that Captain Wentworth never really loved which person?

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