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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does the Elliot family receive an invitation?
(a) Lady Rindimple
(b) Lady Dalrymple
(c) Lady Dayripple
(d) Lady Rydell

2. Mrs. Smith tells Anne that Mr. Elliot was once __________________________________.
(a) like a son to her
(b) married to her neice
(c) a good friend of Mrs. Smith's husband
(d) married to her daughter

3. After a few days, Lady Russell and Anne call on whom?
(a) the Crofts
(b) Henrietta
(c) Captain Wentworth
(d) Charles and Marry

4. What causes Anne and Mr. Elliot to have thoughtful discussions.
(a) Mr. Elliot has a stronger opinion of social standing than Anne does.
(b) They have opposing views on literature.
(c) They both enjoy literature.
(d) Anne has a stronger opinion of social standing than Mr. Elliot does.

5. Who do Charles and Mary call on soon after their return?
(a) Herietta
(b) Anne and Lady Russell
(c) the Crofts
(d) Captain Wentworth

6. Captain Wentworth's group sees that Mr. Elliot fancies __________.
(a) Lady Russell
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Mrs. Clay
(d) Anne

7. Captain Benwick intends to call on whom soon, according to Charles?
(a) Captain Wentworth
(b) Henrietta
(c) Mary
(d) Anne

8. Mary and her husband go where with Mrs. Musgrove?
(a) the mountains
(b) Bath
(c) the seashore
(d) Kellynch Hall

9. How does Sir Elliot feel about Captain Wentworth and Anne marrying now?
(a) He has no objections.
(b) He cautions Captain Wentworth against it, but allows he and Anne to make up their own minds.
(c) He cautions Anne against it, but allows Anne to make up her own mind.
(d) He objects strongly.

10. Anne has not thought much of whom while at Uppercross?
(a) Lady Russell
(b) Captain Wentworth
(c) Mary
(d) her father and Elizabeth

11. Which holiday is fast approaching in Chapter 14?
(a) Easter
(b) New Years
(c) Christmas
(d) Thanksgiving

12. Anne has dreaded going _________.
(a) to Bath
(b) to Kellynch
(c) to Uppercross
(d) to visit Captain Benwick

13. Elizabeth is shocked by __________________________.
(a) Mrs Clay betraying her.
(b) Lady Russell approving of Anne's engagement.
(c) Mr. Elliot leaving town.
(d) Anne getting married.

14. For the first time, Captain Wentworth seems to show what emotion regarding Anne?
(a) gladness that Anne is moving on with her life
(b) jealousy over Mr. Elliot's escorting Anne home
(c) sadness that there is no hope for them to reunite
(d) the hope that he and Anne may reunite

15. With whom does Anne think that Captain Wentworth is in love?
(a) Louisa
(b) Anne herself
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Mrs. Clay

Short Answer Questions

1. Who hopes that Mr. Elliot will marry her?

2. In the final chapter, the narration changes from Anne's point of view to ___________________________.

3. What does Elizabeth interrupt the gathering to do?

4. Mr. Elliot told everyone he would be out of town for ______________ but is spotted outside talking to Mrs. Clay?

5. To what does Mrs. Smith tells Anne that Mr. Elliot led her family?

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