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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Anne thinks that Captain Wentworth never really loved which person?
(a) Mary
(b) Henrietta
(c) Louisa
(d) Anne

2. Anne apologizes to Captain Wentworth for _____________________________.
(a) lying to him
(b) breaking their engagement years ago
(c) being unable to marry him now
(d) suspecting him of lying to her

3. Miss Hamilton is the former name of which person?
(a) Mrs. Musgrove
(b) Mrs. Smith
(c) Mrs. Clay
(d) Lady Russell

4. Mrs. Smith tells Anne that Mr. Elliot was once __________________________________.
(a) like a son to her
(b) married to her neice
(c) a good friend of Mrs. Smith's husband
(d) married to her daughter

5. Mr. Elliot asks Anne to _____________________________.
(a) translate an Italian song
(b) translate a French song
(c) translate an Italian poem
(d) translate a French poem

6. Everyone in Captain Wentworth's group has good things to say about _________________.
(a) Elizabeth
(b) Anne
(c) Mr. Elliot
(d) Captain Wentworth

7. Mary is glad that Captain Wentworth is marrying Anne, rather than who?
(a) Louisa or Elizabeth
(b) Elizabeth or Mrs. Clay
(c) Henrietta or Elizabeth
(d) Henrietta or Louisa

8. The day after the concert Anne visits which person?
(a) Mrs. Croft
(b) Mrs. Smith
(c) Mr. Elliot
(d) Captain Wentworth

9. Henrietta is now ___________________________.
(a) engaged to a naval officer
(b) moving away
(c) engaged to Charles Hayer
(d) dying

10. Captain Wentworth places what object in front of Anne?
(a) a piece of cake
(b) a rose
(c) a book
(d) a letter

11. Mr. Elliot told everyone he would be out of town for ______________ but is spotted outside talking to Mrs. Clay?
(a) to visit his cousin
(b) to visit a sick friend
(c) for a vacation
(d) business

12. What are Mr. Elliot's feelings about Mrs. Clay?
(a) He does not like her very much.
(b) He is indifferent to her.
(c) He wants to marry her.
(d) He likes her well enough.

13. Anne wants to visit Lady Russell to _________________________________.
(a) tell her about Mr. Elliot's true nature
(b) tell her that Sir Elliot is ill
(c) tell her about the engagement news
(d) tell her that Anne is moving away

14. Anne has dreaded going _________.
(a) to Bath
(b) to Uppercross
(c) to visit Captain Benwick
(d) to Kellynch

15. As the family discusses Mr. Elliot, who arrives?
(a) Captain Wentworth
(b) Captain Benwick
(c) Mr. Elliot
(d) Henrietta

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne denies what, when questioned by Mrs. Smith?

2. The letter states that Captain Benwick is to be married to which woman?

3. Anne goes for a walk with __________ who recounts the engagement to her.

4. After the concert, how does Captain Wentworth behave towards Anne?

5. After a few days, Lady Russell and Anne call on whom?

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