Persuasion Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Captain Benwick - This person is in mourning and likes to keep busy by making toys for children and fixing things.

Mrs. Clay - This person is the daughter of the family's lawyer. This person has had an unsuccessful marriage.

Admiral Croft - This person rents Kellynch Hall after the Elliots move. Anne finds this person's goodness of the heart irresistible.

Mrs. Croft - This person is well-spoken and shrewd. This person appears older than 38 years because of so much time spent at sea.

Anne Elliot - This person was encouraged to break off an engagement. This person is unselfish and sweet. This person feels that sincerity is more important than decorum.

Elizabeth Elliot - This person shares his/her father's snobbery and ignores Anne. This person has been presiding over Kellynch Hall for 13 years.

Mary Elliot - This person often claims to be unwell and tries...

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