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Chapter 1

• Sir Walter Elliot, whose wife died 13 years ago, is introduced.

• Sir Elliot's favorite book is his family history.

• Sir Elliot has three daughters, Elizabeth, Anne and Mary

• Elizabeth is Sir Elliot's favorite and he feels that Mary married well.

• Sir Elliot cares little for Anne, but their neighbor, Lady Russell, cares for her a great deal.

• Elizabeth has filled the role of lady of the house since her mother passed away.

• Even though Elizabeth is 29, Sir Elliot feels that she will marry well.

• Elizabeth had been engaged when she was younger, but her suitor married someone else. He is now a widower.

• The family has been in financial trouble since Sir Elliot's wife died.

• The family calls on their neighbors, Lady Russell and Mr. Shepherd, for advice about the financial matters.

Chapter 2

• Lady Russell writes up a budget for the family.

• Lady Russell consults Anne about the...

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