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Short Answer Questions

1. What did the members of the 6th airborne know would be coming sometime?

2. What direction did Poett go after landing?

3. Who was piloting one of the gliders according to Chapter 5, D-Day: 0016 to 0026 Hours?

4. How many divisions constituted the British airborne in 1943, according to Chapter 3?

5. Who was on duty on the canal bridge when the gliders landed?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was von Luck in 1942?

2. What did Howard discover from the reports and photos?

3. What was the plan on which General Frederick Morgan worked according to Ambrose?

4. What was Major Hans Schmidt, the German commander, worried about according to Ambrose?

5. What orders did Howard receive for May 2 in D-Day Minus One Month to D-Day?

6. Who ran the cafe in town, and what did the Germans not know about them?

7. What happened to Hickman and four of his men when they were about to drive over the bridge?

8. What did John Howard and some from Company D volunteer for in 1942?

9. What happened to Wallwork and Ainsworth at the start of Chapter 5, D-Day: 0016 to 0026 Hours?

10. Who was relieved of duty at the start at the start of Chapter 1, D-Day Minus Two Years?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss why Normandy was chosen as the location for the seaborne invasion and examine the reasons the area was not heavily defended by the Nazis. Use the text and secondary sources to support your discussion.

Essay Topic 2

Howard was able to re-evaluate the situation and act accordingly, while Von Luck needed to await approval to re-take the bridge. Analyze the benefits and drawbacks to each situation and discuss what impact it had on the outcome of the Pegasus Bridge mission.

Essay Topic 3

Operation Goodwood was an attack launched in July, 1944, when Montgomery tried to break through to Caen then to Paris. Discuss the objectives of Operation Goodwood, how it was held off, and what effort was made to complete the operation. Use the text and secondary sources to support your conclusions.

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