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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What direction did Poett go after landing?
(a) The opposite direction of the shot he heard.
(b) The direction of Caen.
(c) The direction the planes flying overhead were going.
(d) The direction of the shot he heard.

2. What was the difference between the training regiment of the men and that of the officers?
(a) The officers did not have to speak German.
(b) There was not a difference.
(c) The officers didn't need to be able to think quickly.
(d) The officers didn't need to be physically fit.

3. What division was Von Luck commanding in the fall of 1943?
(a) 21st Panzer Division.
(b) Panzer Lehr.
(c) 1st Panzer.
(d) 43rd Grenadier division.

4. When was most of the resistance at the Canal bridge subdued?
(a) 0056 hours.
(b) 0156 hours.
(c) 0241 hours.
(d) 0021 hours.

5. Who was thrown out of the cockpit by the impact during landing?
(a) Wallwork and Poett.
(b) Poett and Gale.
(c) Wallwork and Ainsworth.
(d) Howard and Wallwork.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was fired by the bridge sentry after they spotted potential paratroops?

2. How far were most of the paratroopers from the bridges after their drop?

3. What was Howard not allowed to do with the maps, photos, and his plan to take the bridges?

4. How many men were with Hickman when he arrived near the bridge?

5. How many days did the bridge holding exercise given to Company D last?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were glider troops used according to Ambrose?

2. What did Howard's assignment depend on according to Ambrose?

3. What happened starting in 1984, according to Chapter 11, D-Day Plus Forty Years to D-Day Plus Fifty Years?

4. What happened to Howard after his leave, according to Chapter 10, D-Day Plus Three Months to D-Day Plus Fifty Years?

5. What did the display lead the Germans to believe in Chapter 6?

6. What happened to Wallwork and Ainsworth at the start of Chapter 5, D-Day: 0016 to 0026 Hours?

7. What did the British create in 1942 according to Chapter 2, D-Day Minus Two Years?

8. What have movies depicted, according to Ambrose?

9. What did John Howard and some from Company D volunteer for in 1942?

10. What happened between the Germans and Howard's troops, according to Ambrose?

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