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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Pavlo's response to Ardell's comment about a radiation attack?
(a) He nods his head violently until Ardell stops him.
(b) He begins to cry.
(c) He repeats the word "no" over and over.
(d) He laughs in Ardell's face.

2. What relative(s) does Pavlo say he has?
(a) A half-sister and twin brother.
(b) A mother and half-brother.
(c) A father and step-mother.
(d) A sister and half-brother.

3. What do the trainees accuse Pavlo of when he arrives in the barracks ,
(a) Skipping drill.
(b) Telling on them for drinking.
(c) Wanting to go MIA.
(d) Stealing their money.

4. Who does Pavlo yell at to get off his bed?
(a) Parker.
(b) Towers.
(c) Kress.
(d) Pierce.

5. Where and when does this story take place?
(a) During The Holocaust in 1940.
(b) During Apartheid in the 1930s.
(c) During the Vietnam War in the 1960s.
(d) During the maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason for practicing weapons drill does Pavlo give to Towers when asked?

2. What was Pavlo's reason to Pierce for telling stories in the furnace room?

3. What does Ardell tell Pavlo to do after being found close to death?

4. According to the Corporal, what were the two Vietnamese in his story wearing, although asking for help?

5. What does the Corporal say it is easy to do in Vietnam?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Pavlo made to feel helpless in Part 4?

2. Using the fragmentary nature of the plot line thus far as a platform, describe the impression it has on the way by which the audience will begin to learn about the main character.

3. How are the opening scenes of this play different than others? Plot-wise, hypothesize over the purpose of this style of opening.

4. How does the scene in which Pavlo grabs the grenade display yet another ironic moment in his seemingly life-long struggle for identity? What character trait seems to remain intact to the very end of his life, possibly leading to his ultimate demise?

5. Theorize about the significance of the story Pavlo relates of the girl who seemed like a "robot."

6. What may be the significance or playwright's purpose for Pavlo realizing he's dead so far along into the play and after the climax?

7. What can the audience understand about Pavlo's mentality in Act 2, Part 4 when Pavlo shouts back to Ardell after being wounded that they can "hurt him as many times as they want?"

8. The image of the closed coffin is the final component of the play's collage, the last piece of the puzzle that once was Pavlo's life. Describe it's effects, and comment on the general purpose of the play overall.

9. Explain the possible complexities of symbolism behind Pavlo's wound in this play.

10. What might "Jody" in the final military song of Act 2, Part 5 represent or metaphorically speak to?

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