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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the furnace room, what does Kress say to Parker about Pavlo?
(a) That Pavlo is a girl.
(b) That PAvlo doesn't have a family.
(c) That Pavlo will be honored.
(d) That Pavlo is stupid.

2. What is Pavlo's first question to Tower?
(a) Why did he join the army.
(b) How many push-ups he can do.
(c) Where he's from.
(d) How old is he.

3. What does Ardell first ask Pavlo?
(a) If he has killed.
(b) His age.
(c) Where he thinks he's going.
(d) If he knows what happened.

4. What does Pavlo do after weapons drill that nobody else does?
(a) Push-ups.
(b) Pull-ups.
(c) Sit-ups.
(d) Jumping jacks.

5. What is the first thing Ardell tells Pavlo to do upon entering the room?
(a) Lie down.
(b) Salute.
(c) Stand up.
(d) Get out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Corporal say it is easy to do in Vietnam?

2. Who is Pavlo drunkenly talking to in the opening scene?

3. What is Pierce doing when Pavlo first meets him?

4. What is the second question to Pavlo from Ardell?

5. As Hinkle goes out of the barracks, what does Kress ask him to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What might "Jody" in the final military song of Act 2, Part 5 represent or metaphorically speak to?

2. How is Pavlo's interactions and awareness of Brisbey and his plight of significance to the audience's understanding of what happens to people as a result of being involved in war?

3. Compare and explain the relationship of Pavlo's enthusiasm for killing and what happens to Parham in Act 2, Part 4.

4. Explain the possible complexities of symbolism behind Pavlo's wound in this play.

5. Pavlo seems to respond to events in many different ways. Explain how his response to Pierce, when Pierce urges him to fight back, can be viewed as a highly perceptive and telling one for the audience about Pavlo's life views.

6. The image of the closed coffin is the final component of the play's collage, the last piece of the puzzle that once was Pavlo's life. Describe it's effects, and comment on the general purpose of the play overall.

7. Pavlo believes that good soldiers are never helpless in any situation. How does this belief play out and dramatize itself in his experience with the Corporal and following scenes?

8. What dramatic changes occur to Pavlo and his mentality in Act 2, Part 4?

9. Explore the ways in which Pavlo is made to feel helpless in this act. Theorize on the writer's purpose for creating these moments.

10. How does Pavlo's answer Kress regarding stealing and how does this provide an insight into Pavlo's egocentric nature?

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