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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pavlo say Kress's uncle was executed for?
(a) Attempting escape.
(b) Being a spy,
(c) Lying in court.
(d) Killing people.

2. Who does Ardell specify didn't grieve over Pavlo's death?
(a) Jones.
(b) Joanna.
(c) Kress.
(d) Mickey.

3. Jones says that having sex with a Vietnamese woman reminds a man . . .
(a) That he is alive.
(b) That sex is fun.
(c) That he is a man.
(d) That war is everywhere.

4. What does Pavlo realize about the person on the other end of the phone that he previously did not know?
(a) That it is his mother.
(b) That is is Ardell.
(c) That Joanna is dead.
(d) That Joanna does not care.

5. Who bargains over how much Yen will cost?
(a) Pavlo and Mamasan.
(b) Mamasan and Jones.
(c) Jones and Yen,
(d) Yen and Pavlo.

6. What does Towers say that it is the soldiers' job to do?
(a) Kill.
(b) Survive.
(c) Bring home their unit.
(d) Stay steady.

7. What do the two Vietnamese who find Parham first do to him?
(a) Kick him.
(b) Ask his name.
(c) Laugh at him.
(d) Gag him.

8. What does a Vietnamese do to Pavlo as he is standing with Parham's body?
(a) Shoots Pavlo.
(b) Stabs Pavlo.
(c) Begs for money.
(d) Begs for medical help.

9. What is the name of the Sergeant who first appears in Act 2, Part 2?
(a) Brinkley.
(b) Wall.
(c) Goodman.
(d) Freeman.

10. Who shouts to Pavlo from his hospital bed?
(a) Ardell.
(b) Brisbey.
(c) Towes.
(d) Hendrix.

11. What was Ardell's second marching song about in Act 2, Part 5?
(a) How wonderful death is.
(b) How tiring life is.
(c) How enjoyable going home is.
(d) How miserable army life is.

12. What is the name of the woman who runs the harem?
(a) Mamasan.
(b) Manaja.
(c) Yen.
(d) Rin.

13. What does Miller ask of Pavlo?
(a) When he is going to kill himself.
(b) What the new rifle was for.
(c) Why he was out carousing with Pierce.
(d) Why he wants to transfer to infantry.

14. What does Pavlo's mother say about Joanna over the phone?
(a) That she is in Connecticut and probably pregnant.
(b) That she and Joanna are the same person.
(c) That she is pregnant with Pavlo's baby.
(d) That she does not exist.

15. What is the reason Pavlo says that he feels like he's nothing out of the uniform?
(a) Because he's done nothing in it.
(b) Because it calls him.
(c) Because he can't live without it.
(d) Because it's his identity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Parham imagine himself doing towards the end of his life?

2. Who does Brisbey talk about throwing a robe off the end of a boat?

3. What does Wall first tell Brisbey?

4. Who discovers Parham's body with Pavlo?

5. In Act 2, Part 1, what is the marching song about?

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