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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the story about that Pavlo tells Pierce in the furnace room?
(a) His uncle being executed.
(b) His mother's insanity.
(c) How he used to love fire.
(d) When he drank too much in high school.

2. What is Pavlo's response to Ardell's comment about a radiation attack?
(a) He begins to cry.
(b) He nods his head violently until Ardell stops him.
(c) He laughs in Ardell's face.
(d) He repeats the word "no" over and over.

3. Who is the first person to enter the barracks that is not a trainee in Act 1, Part 4?
(a) Ardell.
(b) Hendrix.
(c) Towers.
(d) The corporal.

4. Along with one other soldier, who must repeat their basic training?
(a) Hinkle.
(b) Kress.
(c) Pierce.
(d) Parker.

5. What does Pavlo do when he sees Pierce coming after being beaten up by the other trainees?
(a) Begins to cry quietly.
(b) Grabs a book and pretends to read.
(c) Runs back to the barracks pretending to have forgotten something.
(d) Stands up and salutes him.

6. Where do the Corporal and Pavlo meet for the first time?
(a) The recreation hall.
(b) The swimming pool.
(c) At a bar.
(d) During drill.

7. What do the trainees accuse Pavlo of when he arrives in the barracks ,
(a) Skipping drill.
(b) Telling on them for drinking.
(c) Wanting to go MIA.
(d) Stealing their money.

8. What is happening in the barracks when Ardell first appears to find Pavlo near death?
(a) The trainees are making fun of Pavlo.
(b) The trainees are getting Pavlo to stand up.
(c) Pavlo is fighting with Kress.
(d) Kress is making fun of Pavlo.

9. Where is Pavlo while Pierce, HInkle, and Kress are setting up their game?
(a) In the office on the phone.
(b) On the barrack floor doing push-ups.
(c) Doing pull-ups on the bunks.
(d) Under his blanket.

10. As Hinkle goes out of the barracks, what does Kress ask him to do?
(a) Get him a soda.
(b) Forget it ever happened.
(c) Sing while he goes.
(d) Never come back.

11. What reason for practicing weapons drill does Pavlo give to Towers when asked?
(a) In order to be a good soldier.
(b) Someone told him to.
(c) He can't stand still without practicing.
(d) He is bored.

12. What game does Hendrix challenge Pavlo to when they first meet?
(a) Poker.
(b) Darts.
(c) Pool.
(d) Trivia.

13. What does Ardell remind Pavlo of in the event of a radiation attack?
(a) That he's completely helpless.
(b) That he has a protective suit.
(c) That he has hope to survive.
(d) That he should look for a cave/underground place.

14. When Ardell suggests that being dead makes Pavlo furious, how does Pavlo respond?
(a) By agreeing with Ardell.
(b) By crying quietly.
(c) By denying it.
(d) By running out of the room for air.

15. What kind of test are the trainees waiting to hear the results of?
(a) Physical ability.
(b) Literacy.
(c) Spacio-Visual.
(d) Proficiency.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Pavlo's punishment for supposedly masturbating instead of practicing drill?

2. What relative(s) does Pavlo say he has?

3. What is Ardell's reason for not believing what he's seeing in Pavlo's mind?

4. Where does Ardell say he's from?

5. What is Hinkle ordered to do upon the realization that Pavlo is close to death?

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