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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Pavlo yell at to get off his bed?
(a) Pierce.
(b) Towers.
(c) Parker.
(d) Kress.

2. What does Pierce urge Pavlo to do in response to the people tormenting him?
(a) To make friends with them.
(b) To announce his problem in the barracks.
(c) To fight back.
(d) To quit the army.

3. How in the barracks during the conversation about Pavlo joining infantry did Pavlo claim his mother would react?
(a) Divorce his father.
(b) Start to cry in frustration.
(c) Be hugely excited.
(d) Be embarrassed.

4. What does Hinkle realize Pavlo has done to himself while the other trainees are playing their game?
(a) Sniffed airplane glue and taken a whole bottle of aspirin.
(b) Slashed his wrist and taken a whole bottle of aspirin.
(c) Snifffed airplane glue and slashed his wrist.
(d) Taken a bottle of sleeping pills and slashed his arm.

5. When the trainees are called to formation by the second whistle blow of the play , what does Pavlo do while Pierce prepares to go?
(a) Asks Pierce not to go.
(b) Tries to pick a fight with Parker.
(c) Refuses to go to formation.
(d) Begins singing.

6. What is happening in the barracks when Ardell first appears to find Pavlo near death?
(a) The trainees are making fun of Pavlo.
(b) The trainees are getting Pavlo to stand up.
(c) Kress is making fun of Pavlo.
(d) Pavlo is fighting with Kress.

7. After Pavlo is finally redressed, what does Ardell comment upon as the trainees leave the barrack?
(a) What Pavlo's mother would say.
(b) How good Pavlo looks.
(c) How ridiculous the situation is.
(d) How stupid Pavlo is.

8. What is Pavlo's response to Ardell's comment about a radiation attack?
(a) He nods his head violently until Ardell stops him.
(b) He laughs in Ardell's face.
(c) He begins to cry.
(d) He repeats the word "no" over and over.

9. What kind of test are the trainees waiting to hear the results of?
(a) Proficiency.
(b) Literacy.
(c) Physical ability.
(d) Spacio-Visual.

10. Along with one other soldier, who must repeat their basic training?
(a) Pierce.
(b) Kress.
(c) Hinkle.
(d) Parker.

11. What is the name of the man whose wallet Pavlo was accused of stealing?
(a) Sammy.
(b) Barns.
(c) Johnny.
(d) Hinkle.

12. How does Tower conclude his weapon drill in Act 1, Part 3?
(a) Making the soldiers make their beds five times in a row.
(b) Taking the trainees on a hunting trip with no guns.
(c) Making the trainees stand outside for 5 hours.
(d) Taking the trainees on a 5 mile run.

13. While Towers is giving bayonet instruction, what does he say one must have in order to use it properly?
(a) "The ability to kill."
(b) "The ability to listen."
(c) "The spirit to kill."
(d) "The desire to destroy."

14. What game does Hendrix challenge Pavlo to when they first meet?
(a) Trivia.
(b) Pool.
(c) Poker.
(d) Darts.

15. Who does Pierce say he is worried about while he is drunk talking with Pavlo?
(a) Ardell.
(b) Pavlo.
(c) Kress.
(d) Parker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ardell's first comment when he enters the barracks, in Act 1, Part 4?

2. Where and when does this story take place?

3. What is Pavlo accused of being by the trainees?

4. What kind of a game do Pierce, Hinkle, and Kress set up?

5. As Hinkle goes out of the barracks, what does Kress ask him to do?

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