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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ardell say to Pavlo in regards to the person Pavlo sees in the mirror?
(a) That it isn't Pavlo Hummel anymore.
(b) That the person is his mother.
(c) That Pavlo can't see beyond himself.
(d) That he is only seeing his face and not his heart.

2. Upon finding Pavlo in the state he is in, what does Hinkle do upon returning to the game?
(a) He makes jokes about how dumb Pavlo is.
(b) He tries to get Pierce to do something,
(c) He wins the game and asks Pavlo to join.
(d) He asks everyone to help.

3. What relative(s) does Pavlo say he has?
(a) A sister and half-brother.
(b) A half-sister and twin brother.
(c) A mother and half-brother.
(d) A father and step-mother.

4. What does Pavlo do when Tower tells him not to ask questions like his first?
(a) Asks another question.
(b) Runs out of formation to the furnace room.
(c) Tries to shoot Towers.
(d) Cries in front of Towers.

5. Who is the first person to enter the barracks that is not a trainee in Act 1, Part 4?
(a) The corporal.
(b) Towers.
(c) Hendrix.
(d) Ardell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who addresses the trainees when called to formation in Act 1, Part 2?

2. What is the second question to Pavlo from Ardell?

3. What is the general response of the trainees to Hinkle's discovery about Pavlo's being in bed for too long?

4. When the trainees are called to formation by the second whistle blow of the play , what does Pavlo do while Pierce prepares to go?

5. What kind of a game do Pierce, Hinkle, and Kress set up?

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