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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Both of Willie's kids are involved in ____________.
(a) Drugs
(b) Politics
(c) Theatre
(d) Law

2. What job does Allende have in the early days of her marriage to Michael?
(a) Millinery salesperson
(b) Bank teller
(c) TV broadcaster
(d) Hair stylist

3. Who does Allende visit on her trip to Chile?
(a) Tata
(b) Michael
(c) Pinochet
(d) Pablo Neruda

4. What decision does Allende make about Paula after the results of her brain scans?
(a) Revise her will
(b) Contact different doctors
(c) Take her home to San Francisco
(d) Stop all life support measures

5. What type of government reigns in Chile after the military coups?
(a) Democracy
(b) Totalitarian regime
(c) Monarchy
(d) Socialist

6. What does Allende see at her bedside one morning?
(a) A stack of books
(b) Paula's favorite slippers
(c) A bouquet of flowers
(d) A new puppy

7. What document did Allende send to Willie?
(a) Settlement Agreement
(b) Contract
(c) Promissory Note
(d) Will

8. Allende was first attracted to Willie because he was a mix of refinement and _______________.
(a) Roughness
(b) Sensitivity
(c) Common touch
(d) Hysteria

9. Where did Allende flee with her children when their lives were threatened in Chile?
(a) Brazil
(b) Venezuela
(c) Peru
(d) Bolivia

10. Allende's second book addresses ______________ in Chile.
(a) Ancestral heritage
(b) Martial law
(c) Romance and spies
(d) The economy

11. Which of the following does not describe Allende in Spain with Paula?
(a) Disoriented
(b) Animated
(c) Somber
(d) Weakening

12. What lifestyle does Allende adopt when the family returns to Chile?
(a) Professional
(b) Soccer mom
(c) Yuppie
(d) Hippie

13. Allende meets a _____________ who becomes her lover.
(a) Poet
(b) Sculptor
(c) Designer
(d) Musician

14. What is the name of Allende's daughter-in-law who is about to give birth?
(a) Celia
(b) Cherise
(c) Cassie
(d) Cheryl

15. How long do Allende and her family live in this location?
(a) 13 years
(b) 13 months
(c) 7 years
(d) 5 years

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Allende wear most of the time when visiting Paula in the hospital?

2. Which of the following did Allende not do during the time in Chile after the military coups?

3. In what country in Europe did Allende, Michael and Paula live?

4. In what year does Allende return to Chile after leaving at the time of the military coups?

5. Who accompanies Allende and Paula on the plane trip to San Francisco?

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