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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Allende's lover want to run away to?
(a) Portugal
(b) Italy
(c) Mexico
(d) Spain

2. Which of the following does not describe Allende in Spain with Paula?
(a) Somber
(b) Disoriented
(c) Weakening
(d) Animated

3. What is the name of Allende's second child?
(a) Nicolette
(b) Nelson
(c) Nicolas
(d) Nanette

4. Allende's second book addresses ______________ in Chile.
(a) The economy
(b) Ancestral heritage
(c) Martial law
(d) Romance and spies

5. Ernesto has a dream where Paula appears and asks him to ________________.
(a) Let her go
(b) Remarry
(c) Find better doctors
(d) Kill her

6. What do Paula's brain scans show?
(a) Irreversible brain damage
(b) Traces of activity
(c) Full capacity has returned
(d) Promising activity

7. What job did Allende take when she returned to Caracas?
(a) Working in retail
(b) Writing newspaper articles
(c) Selling insurance
(d) Teaching special education students

8. Which of the following does Allende not witness in Caracas?
(a) Waste
(b) Gas and oil boom
(c) Starvation
(d) Hedonism

9. What does Allende sense at night?
(a) A sense of calm
(b) Paula's spirit moving about the house
(c) Impending doom
(d) Angels

10. Which birthday is Allende celebrating in this section?
(a) 29th
(b) 40th
(c) 50th
(d) 60th

11. What does Allende dream of ?
(a) A television career
(b) Meme
(c) Returning to Chile
(d) A bigger house

12. What does Allende realize after getting the doctors' reports?
(a) Paula will recover in time
(b) Paula will never have children
(c) Paula will die soon
(d) Paula will never read this journal

13. Which of the following does Allende not think about now?
(a) If she will live much longer
(b) If she is getting old
(c) If she will ever write again
(d) If she can develop new house plans

14. What type of government reigns in Chile after the military coups?
(a) Totalitarian regime
(b) Socialist
(c) Democracy
(d) Monarchy

15. What is the name of the third book Allende writes during this period?
(a) Eva Luna
(b) Bella Luna
(c) Daughter of Fortune
(d) Eva's Daughter

Short Answer Questions

1. What lifestyle does Allende adopt when the family returns to Chile?

2. After the military coups in Chile, what was reported about Salvador Allende?

3. Where did Allende flee with her children when their lives were threatened in Chile?

4. What does Allende's stepfather dress as to make an impression at Paula's school one day?

5. Which of the following does not exist in Allende's home?

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