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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Allende's mother and stepfather return to Chile from living in what country?
(a) Germany
(b) Italy
(c) Belgium
(d) Switzerland

2. Where does Michael secure work on a project?
(a) La Paz
(b) Santiago
(c) Madrid
(d) The jungle

3. What is Allende's second career venture?
(a) Writing for a women's magazine
(b) Interior design
(c) Psychiatry
(d) Designing women's clothes

4. Which of the following does not exist in Allende's home?
(a) Saltillo tiles
(b) Spicy foods
(c) Cottage garden
(d) Latin American art

5. What does Allende realize after getting the doctors' reports?
(a) Paula will never have children
(b) Paula will die soon
(c) Paula will never read this journal
(d) Paula will recover in time

6. What job did Allende take when she returned to Caracas?
(a) Selling insurance
(b) Writing newspaper articles
(c) Working in retail
(d) Teaching special education students

7. Who does Allende visit on her trip to Chile?
(a) Tata
(b) Pinochet
(c) Michael
(d) Pablo Neruda

8. Which of the following does not describe Allende in Spain with Paula?
(a) Somber
(b) Animated
(c) Disoriented
(d) Weakening

9. Doctors determine that Paula's ________________ needs to be tested.
(a) Circulatory system
(b) Nervous system
(c) Muscle strength
(d) Hormone production

10. What document did Allende send to Willie?
(a) Promissory Note
(b) Contract
(c) Will
(d) Settlement Agreement

11. What did Michael not tell Allende when she said she wanted to be with her lover in Spain?
(a) She couldn't take the children
(b) She couldn't take any money
(c) I don't love you
(d) She could go

12. What illness do Michael, Paula and Nicolas all have?
(a) Tuberculosis
(b) Porphyria
(c) Diabetes
(d) Epilepsy

13. Which of the following is not Allende's role in her home?
(a) Housekeeper
(b) Mother
(c) Wife
(d) Decision maker

14. What do Paula's brain scans show?
(a) Promising activity
(b) Irreversible brain damage
(c) Full capacity has returned
(d) Traces of activity

15. Some of Paula's caretakers refer to her as being ________________.
(a) A joy to care for
(b) An angel
(c) A difficult patient
(d) Stuck in limbo

Short Answer Questions

1. What helps to alleviate some of the pain Allende feels over Paula's condition?

2. When does Allende return to Michael and the children after being with her lover in Spain?

3. In what country in Europe did Allende, Michael and Paula live?

4. What does Allende see at her bedside one morning?

5. What type of government reigns in Chile after the military coups?

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