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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Doctors determine that Paula's ________________ needs to be tested.
(a) Nervous system
(b) Circulatory system
(c) Hormone production
(d) Muscle strength

2. Which of the following does not describe Allende in Spain with Paula?
(a) Weakening
(b) Animated
(c) Somber
(d) Disoriented

3. Who is elected president of Chile in 1970?
(a) Paco Estefan
(b) Che Guevera
(c) Tito Puente
(d) Salvador Allende

4. What is Allende's second career venture?
(a) Interior design
(b) Designing women's clothes
(c) Psychiatry
(d) Writing for a women's magazine

5. In what country in Europe did Allende, Michael and Paula live?
(a) Germany
(b) France
(c) Belgium
(d) Spain

6. What is the name of the third book Allende writes during this period?
(a) Daughter of Fortune
(b) Bella Luna
(c) Eva's Daughter
(d) Eva Luna

7. Where does Allende's lover want to run away to?
(a) Mexico
(b) Portugal
(c) Italy
(d) Spain

8. After the military coups in Chile, what was reported about Salvador Allende?
(a) He is in prison
(b) He left the country
(c) He committed suicide
(d) He resigned his office

9. Which of the following does Allende not think about now?
(a) If she is getting old
(b) If she will live much longer
(c) If she will ever write again
(d) If she can develop new house plans

10. Who does Allende visit on her trip to Chile?
(a) Tata
(b) Michael
(c) Pinochet
(d) Pablo Neruda

11. Where is Paula sent for care?
(a) Rehab center
(b) Intensive care
(c) Allende's home
(d) Institution

12. What was Allende working on undercover which was exposed by national television?
(a) Insurance fraud
(b) Physician drug abuse
(c) Girlie shows
(d) Political graft

13. What type of government reigns in Chile after the military coups?
(a) Democracy
(b) Totalitarian regime
(c) Socialist
(d) Monarchy

14. In what vehicle did Allende, Michael and Paula travel around Europe?
(a) Saab
(b) BMW
(c) Volkswagen camper
(d) Airstream trailer

15. Which of the following does Allende not witness in Caracas?
(a) Starvation
(b) Hedonism
(c) Gas and oil boom
(d) Waste

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was not abolished by the new government in Chile?

2. Where did Allende flee with her children when their lives were threatened in Chile?

3. Allende meets a _____________ who becomes her lover.

4. Michael needs a new license to practice as _________________ in Venezuela.

5. What do Paula's brain scans show?

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